Loïc Didelot

Loïc Didelot, CEO

MIXvoip is my (demanding) baby. For the past 10 years I spend most of my time looking after the company, helping its growth and development. It’s a never ending task…


Every now and then, I need to decompress, and to evacuate the excess pressure. For many years handball has been my favourite team sport, playing for HB Mersch. I’m probably not the most talented player, but I have fun 🙂

I also enjoy all board sports, including snowboarding, kitesurfing or windsurfing for instance. When I have some time to spend, I catch a flight for some sunny destination to experience new sensations and share some mojitos with the people I love.

My friends are essential to my balance. Having dinner, or a drink with them helps me stay connected to the real life, but even then MIXvoip is not that far!

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