Written by Paperjam.lu

Publication: 10/01/2018

The Wagner Group invests in Mixvoip

Mixvoip and the Wagner Group announce the unification of their forces focusing on next-generation cloud and telecommunication solutions.

The Wagner Group becomes an active shareholder of Mixvoip, as indicated in a statement issued Friday, September 28. Mixvoip, which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary, is a specialist for VoIP phone systems hosted in the cloud (Mixpbx), as well as for the respective telephony infrastructures. “This strategic alliance will enable commercial, technological, and regulatory synergies which will all contribute to a significant growth of the respective fields of activities”, says Loïc Didelot, founder and CEO of Mixvoip.

The press statement adds that «the two entities will continue to operate separately, no organizational or operational fusion is planned. The Wagner Group thus adds a new string to the bow of its affiliate Wagner-ICT, in order to respond to the evolution of its customers’ needs and to have “more flexible IT and telecommunication solutions that respect a very complex regulatory framework”.

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