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Speed Dating Interview – Loïc Didelot

Loic Didelot MIXvoip CEO

Jean-Luc Bertand interviewed Loïc Didelot, CEO of Mixvoip, in the daily program “Speed Dating” broadcast on L’Essentiel Radio.— Click here to listen to the interview (French version) —

The summary in English:

For listeners who are unfamiliar with Mixvoip, it is a telecom operator offering telephony and Internet services for businesses that currently employs 52 people. The company has recently established itself in Belgium and Germany: “We gave ourselves a year to hire people and find customers, and we succeeded. ” says the founder of Mixvoip, while acknowledging that these markets are very difficult.

“I am able to work for hours, days, weeks without losing motivation. Me, my laptop, a desk, and I work” explains Loïc Didelot. This echoes the song he chose: Sinner Man by Nina Simone. He used to listen to it for hours while programming when he created Mixvoip.

As a funny situation, Loïc Didelot remembered his professional beginnings, he was then 21 years old and had little experience. At a professional fair, he had been invited by surprise to come on stage, “I answered the two or three questions, but I think my answers were not satisfying”, a good lesson to improve oneself. If he had been 18 today, he could have been on a reality TV. “At 18, you have the right to make mistakes, you don’t have a job and it can be an easy income”.

When asked which personality marked him, Loïc designated one of his employees. A young man applied for a technician position, saying that he had no idea about the job but that he was a hard worker. “He was very direct and we thought he was very nice, we hired him. He’s still there and still works well, he used to be a dishwasher.” A nice story of professional retraining.

The founder also announced that the company was gradually opening up to the private market. “We launched five.lu for domestic Internet lines. We are working on TV and mobile services too, and hope to announce their release soon.”

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