Internet 3Gbit/s – Exclusive offer

giga internet 3Gbits business offer exclusive

Even though there are many offers for high-speed fiber lines in Luxembourg, they aren’t always well adapted to the specific needs of companies. “Being super fast is good. Being super supported is even better”, says Loïc Didelot, the CEO of Mixvoip.

In this sense, Mixvoip, a B2B operator, has created its Giga solution. In addition to the offered installation it includes:

SLA 24/7 included

For many companies, internet failure means less activity or even no activity at all. In this case, the 24/7 Service Level Agreement allows Mixvoip to immediately take action with a guarantee of on-site intervention within 5 hours, all around the clock and on every day of the week. 

If the timeframes are not met, the affected customer receives compensation. 

Fixed IP address included

Having a fixed IP address has many advantages for companies, like hosting their website or being able to securely access the company network from distance. This is a major asset in a world where your employees work more and more on the move.

You stay if you are satisfied. We believe in the quality of our services, and that’s why you are free to go if you want to, even during the first month.

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