The social networks: A place to interact with the MIXvoip team



Not too long ago, the most economical way of sending a message or announcement to a large audience was via email. So when it came to product updates or company announcement, a mass email was the main form of communication that companies used to reach their customers and prospects.

social medias

However, as technology has evolved, consumers’ inboxes have become overcrowded with various types of emails, increasing the chance of important messages getting lost. In addition, the Internet has filled up with various news outlets and websites. In other words, consumers were not receiving or simply not engaged with the content companies were sending. With this being the case, how else are we at MIXvoip to reach you, our customer and other future customers?

You already know the answer.  And it goes by the names of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

The beauty of social media is that the user is given the freedom to choose when they’d like to view their newsfeed.

We invite you to follow us on Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter to access the latest news, updates and special offers at your convenience. We’re not available on social media to just post updates and announcements to keep our customers informed. It is also an avenue we use to live up to our promise to deliver the best customer service.

Today, social media has evolved into place to interact. It’s our way of showing you who we are as a company, and it’s a chance for you tell us who you are too! It is a place for you, our customers to have quick and easy communication with our team.

So if you have any question, feedback or simply want to say hello, the MIXvoip team can easily be reached via any of our social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.