Rebooting 101

A guide to easily restart your Internet connection
A guide to easily restart your Internet connection

In case you are experiencing difficulties with your Internet connection, we first recommend you to call our support (+352 20 33 33 00) and if instructed follow the instructions below.

Conceptual image of miniature engineer and worker plug-in lan cable to computer
1. Identify the device you should restart to repair your Internet connection
4 kinds of devices are presented here :
  • a router sends data to networks and connects you to the Internet
  • a modem converts analog signals  to digital ones recognized by computers
  • an ONT transmits signals from copper lines to fiber ones and vice versa
  • a switch allows multiple devices to connect to the network and provides extra ports

NB: For fax and analog phones, please read the end of the article

2. Follow these 4 easy steps to physically restart your device
1. Identify the device’s power supply (circled in green in the following pictures)
2. Follow the cable to the socket it’s plugged into and unplug the device
3. Wait at least 10 seconds (to make sure the device completely stopped working)
4. Plug it back in
Your Internet connection is working again

MikroTik Routerboard RB 3011

MikroTik Routerboard RB 3011

Sagemcom Bonding modem

Sagemcom Bonding modem

Alcatel ONT

Rebooting alcatel ONT
Alcatel ONT new model
Dlink DGS 1210-08P -24P -48P 52P
NB: 2 different types of power supplies available

In case you are experiencing problems with your fax or analog phone, you may be asked to reboot your analog-VoIP-converter.

Cisco SPA 112
analog VOIP converter Cisco SPA 112

Your Internet connection is still not working? Don’t hesitate to call our support for help (+352 20 33 33 00) or open a ticket (support@mixvoip.com)

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