Written by Sacha Robert

07-08-2014 | LUXEMBOURG

ICT SPRING: things you shouldn’t miss

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ICT Spring took place on the 3rd and 4th of July. The event gathered many big names from the ICT industry from all over the world. We have prepared for you a list of stands that you hopefully didn’t miss during those two days.

Elgon, the company from Luxembourg that specialized in the field of IT formation presented its services through a game of darts. An effective way to attract attention, especially to move their services into the spotlight, which go from developing web applications to training on several tools such as Microsoft, Java, MobileIron, IBM, ITIL, Citrix, Unic & Linux, VMWare, or Prince 2.

ActiveMe, the Belgian company that is specialized in visual animation and “Real Time interaction solutions & contents”, demonstrated the Oculus Rift. There, equipped with the Oculus Rift, you can experience live a parachute jump over Rio to arrive at the mythical Maracana stadium. An unbelievable experience!

As a company who is specialized in telecommunication solutions for small and medium businesses, Mixvoip has put its main solution, the Mixpbx, on display. Mixpbx is a phone system that can host up to 1000 users and that unifies telecommunication protocols (ISDN, PRI) and IP protocols like SIP. The uniqueness of the Mixvoip booth lay in its entertaining and attractive decoration: between two poker tables, one could learn about Mixvoips solutions.

POST Luxembourg, the first postal service and telecommunications provider in Luxembourg, was also present at ICT Spring and presented an exclusive “live demo” of the Google glasses on their stand.

The Entropia group, a specialist for software application development, data flow and hosting, access security and control, as well as for collecting energy-saving certificates, has surprisingly shown how to be served a beer via your smartphone. Hard to beat in terms of entertainment!

Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator, the first alternative operator in the Grand Duchy, used this 4th edition of the l’ICT Spring to present their Pay-As-You-Use solution which offers IT infrastructure services to companies in the form of on-demand web services. Nothing new in the cloud except for one detail: this provision of fast and instant cloud infrastructure according to the latest needs will be completely flexible and adapted to customers, all via an e-commerce platform dedicated to ICT solutions.

IoT6 is a project of the University Luxembourg that aims to exploit the potential of the “internet of things” (the objects that are linked with each other). These things represent the exchange of information and data between devices in the real world and the Internet. Some believe that this can be integrated into our daily lives in the future, so in a separate room, IoT6 showed a very impressive demonstration with a hair dryer, temperature measurement devices, and an alarm.

The research center Henri Tudor that is specialized in 5 research domains presented during the ICT Spring one of the latest developments in Advanced Materials Technology, the tangible table. In this table, transport and logistics data like main infrastructures, capacities, and traffic including traffic jams can be visualized. This is an interesting tool that could be tested at their stand.

Source: ITone

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