With a click,
place, answer & end calls

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With a click,
place, answer & end calls

What’s Mixdial?

Mixdial is a business call dialer for Mixvoip users, specially developed for those who work on a PC.
It provides full control over all incoming and outgoing calls.
It also saves time and optimizes the call management process.

With the Mixdial app your dialing experience will reach a whole new level, placing, receiving, or ending a call right from your desktop has never been faster and easier!


Click to call

Click to answer

Click to hang up

Push notifications

Contact book

Customizable shortcuts

Click to call

Save time and avoid dialing errors

From your browser, software, emails, or anywhere else:
Select the telephone number you wish to call,
press F8 and voilà, you’re calling

Use it now

Click to answer & hang-up

Never miss a call

All incoming calls are notified in a pop-up, click on “answer”… You’re in line!

To hang up, click on “hang-up” or press Shift + F12

Install the feature

Contact book with real-time status

Quickly find who you’re looking for

Access your contact book (Shift + F8).
Your colleagues’ status is displayed.

Get it now

Contact book with real-time status on mixdial

Customizable shortcuts and more preferences with the mixdial app

Customizable shortcuts

Set your preferences for:

Accessing your contact book

Placing, answering, and ending calls

Activating/deactivating the push notifications

AutoStart with Windows

Windows 10 user?

Install Mixdial with a single click.

In order to use Mixdial, you must have a Mixvoip Cloud PBX

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