Gigaset – Configure basestation

Enter the IP address in your browser and type in the PIN code when asked (default: 0000).

n510 login

Click on Settings.

n510 settings

Click on Telephony

n510 telephony

Click on the Edit button to configure the first handset. For the second handset click on the second edit button.

n510 telephony edit
  1. Authentication name $USERNAME$_extension
  2. Authentication passwordIn this section you’ll need the password of your extension
  3. Username$USERNAME$_extension
n510 ip connection
  1. Domain$USERNAME$.mixpbx.net
  2. Registration refresh time120 sec
n510 ip connection 2

Click on Advanced VoIP Settings.

  1. Transfer call by on-hookYes
  2. Find target addressYes
  3. Hold on transfer target:
    • For attended transfercheck
    • For unattended transfercheck
n510 advanced voip settings
  1. Click on Managment then on Local Settings
  2. Select the Country that you live in
  3. Select Germany as Tone scheme
n510 local settings
chat button