The softphone can be downloaded here and here (msi).


  • Download and install the program
  • Two windows will open; a dialer and the account window
Dialer Credentials
  • Enter your credentials provided by Mixvoip in the different fields
  • We are then prompted with a similar screen with a green “Online” dialog at the bottom.

Mixvoip Softphone basic usage

Making a call

  • To make a call there are two options, we either click the numbers on the virtual
    keypad, or we click the empty field underneath it and tap the numbers on the keyboard.
  • Then we click call or tap the enter key and the call will be launched.

Answering a call

  • When our phone receives a call we are prompted with the incoming call window
Incoming call
  • Clicking answer answers the call and decline rejects it.

Transfer a call

  • Click on the arrow to select Call transfer
Active call transfer
  • A window will open to enter the target number
  • Click ok to confirm the transfer
Transfer enter target