If you want to use TAPI also for incoming calls, the normal TAPI is not enough. You need to install Xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk which needs a license (MIXvoip can provide one).

  • Install the software and open the “xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk”
  • Click on Settings
  • Enter the internal IP of the cloud in IP Address field
  • Enter the manager username. Its your username+full
  • Enter the manager password (will be provided by MIXvoip)
  • Click Connect

You are now connected and logged in.

Connect asterisk

Configure TAPI line

  • Select a TAPI line and click settings
  • Set the Channel to SIP/$PbxUsername_$Extension
  • Set Your phone number to $PbxUsername_$Extension
  • Set Special device to Gemeinschaft
Configure line
  • Click on Settings next to Special device
  • In URL-Pfad enter the click2call URL click2dial.php?username=$Pbxusername_$Extension&password=$Extensionpassword 
  • In Username enter $PbxUsername_$Extension
  • In From enter $Extension
  • In cidnum enter $Extension
Special device settings

Once this is done, the lines should work. You can test it with EPhone from Estos.Last but not least the TAPI lines need to be integrated / activated in the software of the customer.