Fax to mail | Mail to fax

Send and receive faxes by email

With our cloud PBX solution, send and receive faxes directly from your email account.

If you have a fax machine,
with an analog to IP converter, you can send faxes and receive them.

However, the full transmission cannot be guaranteed for technological reasons detailed below.

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In most European countries, all telecommunication players have agreed to gradually replace the switched telephony technologies with ALL-IP ones by 2025.

Today the use of a fax machine in a VoIP environment remains possible, but according to Règlement ILR dated 9th of August 2017, ‘‘there is no guarantee of end-to-end interoperability’’ (ILR/T17/9)

As Voice over IP technology is optimized for voice transport, fax transmissions cannot be guaranteed anymore, by any operator.


In some cases, faxes have a legal value. This is why, the electronic signature is the best alternative at the moment.

At Mixvoip, we developed our own module with an electronic signature.


Customers can fill, sign and send their documents online. They have a legal value.
The document will be also sent by email to the customer at the email address they provided.