The story behind a cool graffiti

team graffiti

In June 2018, Mixvoip celebrated its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, we wanted to thank our team for their daily hard work and dedication. We didn’t want to do a meeting with a standing ovation or the traditional “you are the best” praise. We wanted something fun.

We didn’t want to do the old fashioned meeting with standing ovations or the traditional “you are the best” praise … We wanted something more personal. Something vivid and memorable. That’s why we invited the famous graffiti artist Bader to our headquarters. We asked him to draw on one of the walls a graffiti of superheroes. Each (super)hero on this graffiti represents a department of the company and above all, our real heroes, those of Mixvoip’s daily life: our employees. We know each of our colleagues has special super-powers. Being very polite and helpful to customers, creating magnificent apps, solving fast and easy unexpected issues and many many more.

Mixvoip’s success is their success. We will let you guess who is who.

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