Top 5 reasons to consider teleconferencing in 2019

Communication is essential for good management. Teleconferences ensure effective real-time communication with people important to your business no matter their location. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider remote meetings via conferencing tools.

Teleconference benefits for the business

Communication is essential for good management. Audio and video conference calls ensure effective real-time communication with people important to your business no matter their location. Here are the top reasons why you should consider teleconferencing.

Save company money and time

With the emergence of web conferencing, face-to-face business meetings are no longer a must. Therefore the company’s travel and accommodation expenses can be successfully allocated to another direction. The Mixvoip conference service is free of charge. Mixvoip customers can avoid costs, no matter how intense their communications are. 

Organize and manage business meetings with ease

With just two steps you can create an instant conference room and invite all attendees to join the remote meeting. Virtual conferences are especially useful in case of urgent meetings or issues. Everyone can participate freely from any device and location

Conference Calls in figures*

87% of businesses prefer conference calls to face-to-face meetings
For 70% of the employees, conference calls are preferable for instant communications
Call conferencing saves up to 30% in travel costs
96% of the remote team members confirm that conference calls improve collaboration
Conference calls are used once per week with a 45% adoption rate
*according to business.comFuzeTech Crunchies, and PBX Info

Streamline company communications and boost productivity

Teleconferencing is essential for remote agile teams. It helps you connect and interact simultaneously with colleagues, customers, and business partners as often as needed. Sharing vital information on time will boost your productivity

Convenient, frequent, and effective communication

Audio and video conferencing do not require your presence in the office. If a meeting is delayed you can continue your work until everyone has joined the conference. Optimize your time planning by conducting any kind of business meetings within a short period of time.

Video conferencing in figures*

96% of respondents agree that video conferencing boosts connectivity among remote team members
94% of businesses say video conferencing increases productivity
90% of respondents say video makes it easier to get their point across
66% of candidates prefer to use video conferencing as part of the recruitment process.
The web conferencing software market size will go beyond $20 billion by 2024.
*according to Owl LabsSlideshare, and Lifesize

It goes beyond geographical borders

Teleconferences are very helpful if your business is globally presented. Conferencing is the best way to keep in touch while expanding to new local or international markets. It enables effective collaboration, exchanging ideas and information between teams from afar.

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