Aujourd'hui, nous fêtons la Journée de l’administrateur système !

Love them or not, we cannot live without them – yes, we are talking about the System Administrators.

The ones who take care of your secure network, make sure that all the computers and devices are up and running, and try to solve any Internet issue ASAP 😉 and are generally responsible for the productive relationship between the employees and the technology in your company. And because the system administrators are so important for any organization, there is a special day to celebrate their work!

Chaque année au dernier vendredi du juin est la Journée de l’administrateur système.

Pourquoi fêtons-nous la Journée de l’administrateur système ?

The event (you will also find it written as Sysadmin Day, SysAdminDay, SAD, or SAAD) shows that we value the system administrators’ work, as they always appear when an urgent technical issue arises. And nevertheless, their favorite question is: “ Did you reboot?” we know that they take the company’s tech problems close to the heart and do their best to help solve them as fast as possible. 

Si vous vous demandez encore ce que fait exactement l'administrateur système dans votre entreprise, nous pouvons citer Wikipedia :

“A system administrator is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, especially multi-user computers, such as servers. The sysadmin seeks to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of the computers they manage meet the users’ needs without exceeding a set budget when doing so.”

We can add that the sysadmin often has to work the whole night or during the weekends to ensure that the company’s systems will function properly the next day and you can continue with your daily tasks undisturbed. Sounds pretty serious?

C'est probablement pourquoi le 28 juin 2000 Ted Kekatos, un administrateur système, a créé la première Journée de l’administrateur système. Et le monde l'a adoptée !

fêter la journée sysadmin

Comment pouvons-nous fêter la Journée de l'administrateur système ?

Some geek and Internet culture businesses like ThinkGeek or O’Reilly Media honor this day with special product offers, giveaways, or contests, which purpose is to increase the awareness of the system administrator profession among the Internet community.

Un site web entier est dédié à ce jour important – From there, you can get inspiration on showing appreciation to your System administrator’s colleagues. As you probably guessed, “very appropriate” presents are at the top of the list – Cake, Ice Cream, and Pizza :). So try to learn your system administrators’ preferred tastes and surprise them with their favorite pizza and ice cream dessert. You can also choose a more unorthodox way to show your recognition and to commemorate the day, including:

• funny custom t-shirts celebrating your SysAdmin personality
• un courriel avec une chanson folklorique dédiée à leur travail dur
• write them a heart-melting card, along with balloons and confetti, to sparkle their office space

dire merci

No matter how you choose to celebrate this special day, there is one thing you can do without having to wait for a special occasion. Thank you to your colleagues and system administrators, for the great work they do, for the great support they provide, and for the great help they offer during times of technical crisis.

Montrez que vous vraiment appréciez le travail dur et le dévouement de vos administrateurs système en veillant à ce qu'ils sachent à quel point leur travail est remarquable. Quand les systèmes et la technologie dans votre entreprise fonctionnent sans problème, n'oubliez pas de le faire savoir à votre administrateur système. Parce qu'ils en entendent certainement parler quand quelque chose ne fonctionne pas. 

Joyeuse Journée de l’administrateur système ! Et n'oubliez pas la pizza ! 🙂

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