Le meilleur logiciel GRC pour les petites entreprises en 2022

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If you consider your business too small to use a specialized CRM program, it is probably time to reconsider. There are multiple options for customer relationship management (CRM) software specially designed to match the needs of small businesses and start-ups. Implementing such a CRM is often a game-changer that takes your business to the next level.

Before choosing the best CRM solution for your company, you must answer the question – “Why do I need a CRM system for my organization?” The obvious answer is that you want to structure and organize your data in the best possible way. And the tools you use are not sufficient anymore. The next step is to outline your business needs and focus on finding a CRM solution that matches those. In the end, you expect to have a tool that should assist you in managing your current and potential customers effectively while enabling your company/business to grow.

Read the article below to discover what the right CRM software can do for your company and how you can benefit from it. We have also reviewed the top customer relationship management programs for small businesses so that you can find the best solution for you.

Comment choisir le bon logiciel pour une petite entreprise ? 

GRC aide

When you are on the verge of choosing the CRM except for its functionalities, you should be looking for the best solution regarding ease of use, price options, and support from the solution’s provider. Multiple factors impact your decision on which customer relationship software to use. Among the most significant ones can be your core business goals, the industry you operate in, and your organization type.

Your business needs are a top priority when buying the best CRM explicitly built for smaller companies. Some business owners opt for a more cost-effective solution, while others look for easily customizable software that can be seamlessly integrated with their existing tools.

Pourquoi est le bon logiciel GRC si important ?

téléphonie GRC

Le bon système GRC fait une différence dans l'efficacité de votre entreprise. Salesforce convient par exemple mieux aux entreprises qui peuvent se permettre de payer davantage, car elles attendent une personnalisation GRC. Un tel logiciel a accès aux données de votre entreprise et peut vous fournir des informations complètes sur le comportement de vos équipes et de vos clients.

Hubspot offers some great features but may become overwhelmed if used by an enterprise-level company. Due mainly because the CRM lacks reporting options and integration capabilities that are flexible enough.

Streak CRM, on the other hand, is a simple yet powerful solution designed specifically for multiple touch points such as mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops). That makes setting up and running the app quickly in different work environments easier.

Quand vous cherchez une solution GRC, la facilité d'utilisation est un facteur important à considérer.

You do not want something that will be difficult and frustrating in the daily operations of your business. Then you are just wasting time on technical details when more important things like revenue numbers or customer satisfaction surveys need attention instead. When choosing CRM, you must consider the most beneficial features for your daily operations. That includes project management tools and lead generation capabilities that vary from program to program.

Si vous souhaitez aller encore plus loin, vérifiez si la solution GRC peut être intégrée dans votre système téléphonique d'entreprise.

Comment fonctionne la GRC ?


CRM helps you manage your customer data most effectively. Taking your time and planning before implementing one into an already running business is important. Once it is integrated into your system, there are many benefits for your small business. A good way to think about the advantages of CRM would be like having an organized database for all customer information.

Thus you can access any piece needed without having multiple databases or spreadsheets that can get complicated quickly, which also helps ensure nothing gets lost. With CRM, you can get a complete picture of your company’s interactions with each customer regardless of the data gathered by sales, marketing, accounting, or purchasing departments. Therefore, you have faster reactions and more opportunities to be proactive in the sales process and customer service.

Par exemple, si un représentant du service client qu'un prospect ou un lead est prêt pour une vente incitative, il peut ajouter cette information au ticket d'assistance qu'il traite. Elle n'est alors pas perdue entre d'autres points de contact comme les courriels ou les messages instantanés envoyés à leur service commercial. Grâce aux fonctions GRC, ces données sont extraites automatiquement du ticket, ajoutées au rapport GRC de ce prospect particulier et l'agent commercial peut prendre des mesures et tenter de convertir le prospect.

That type of automation is possible as customer service management software can seamlessly move data across systems and devices. Depending on the needs of your sales and customer support teams, the CRM data can be found either specially designed program interface, in an email, message, or on any compatible device.

Pourquoi l'automatisation est-elle autant importante ? 

Because it enables you to access all the data you need, you can move it seamlessly where you need it. The data automation gathering in the CRM and integrating it into different devices allows you to build your sales funnel correctly. At the top, it is wide open with all possible data. At the bottom, it is structured into units that reach exactly the people who need them.

In the end, if you want to be sure that you leverage your CRM capabilities, you should be able to transform its data into email marketing, sales calls, document creation, contract management, and handling daily activities from your team.

Connectez votre système téléphonique cloud à tous les outils professionnels que vous utilisez chaque jour !

Les défis GRC pour les grandes et petites entreprises

Défis et avantages du GRC

Un défi principal pour les grandes entreprises qui mettent en œuvre un programme GRC est de l'adapter aux besoins spécifiques de leurs équipes de vente. Bien qu'elles disposent d'employés spécialisés en informatique qui peuvent les aider en matière de formation et d'assistance, les grandes équipes de vente sont toujours confrontées à de nombreux problèmes de communication et de collaboration liés à la GRC.

For smaller organizations, the CRM challenge is that they have limited options for getting know-how from an in-house IT team. Thus they usually require a longer time for software adoption and to learn how to use all its features. The evolution of CRM has brought the needs of small business users into focus. Brand-new products with specialized features have been designed to serve this group while also making it easy for big companies and star-tups alike by providing an upgrade path that can grow as your company grows.

A few years ago, little attention was paid to developing tools tailored specifically to businesses needs. However, over time more vendors began directly addressing these considerations to ensure they are not left behind during today’s digital transformation era.

Pourquoi une petite entreprise a-t-elle besoin d'un programme de GRC ?

GRC pour les petites entreprises

L'objectif principal des systèmes GRC est de stimuler les ventes et la croissance des petites entreprises. La mise en œuvre de tels outils le facilite pour les entreprises l'établissement et la construction de relations de confiance avec les clients potentiels.

For any small business with a small database, beginning every customer interaction in the best possible way is vital. Later, those first steps will likely grow into long-term trusted client relations. The result will be higher sales, customer satisfaction, and loyal brand ambassadors. Your CRM ensures all your clients receive the products, services, and professional attention they need.

The customer relationship management solution supports your interactions with future clients and helps you build a trustworthy relationships with the existing ones. That allows small businesses to create repeat sales and retain customers, which has a higher ROI than acquiring new clients. With the right CRM, you can create a repeatable client-based sales system into your CRM solution. It allows you to keep the balance between your customer needs and your expertise, products, and services.

Integrating your CRM system with your existing systems enables you to achieve full automation of many business processes, which helps you grow as a company. Even as a start-up, you have already accumulated some clients’ databases, sales information, and other relevant data. The CRM tool brings all this together. Enhance your customer service and success through your CRM program. You can improve your customers’ satisfaction and retention rates with the right solution. CRM can be easily combined with your customer service, support, and success systems to help you manage every step of your customer journey.

Les meilleures GRC pour les petites entreprises en 2022


Salesforce CRM

Salesforce est considéré l'une des meilleures solutions de GRC pour la personnalisation avancée. Même s'il est surtout connu pour ses systèmes GRC de niveau professionnel destinés aux grandes entreprises, Salesforce a également créé des outils spécifiquement pour les petites entreprises.

Avec des solutions de prix pour les petites entreprises, Salesforce provides an all-inclusive solution to your sales, customer service, and marketing needs. You can customize features like dashboards or reports to match your specific needs. This software program has an intuitive and sales-focused interface, allowing great flexibility and a personalized user experience.

Vous profitez des fonctions de communication interne comme les appels à l'écran, la gestion des clients à l'aide d'une base de connaissances utile, des modèles de courriel et l'intégration des applications de tiers qui optimisent votre processus d'affaires.


• Personnalisation avancée
• Interface utilisateur familière et intuitive
• Des prix pour les petites entreprises sont disponibles
• Applications mobiles excellentes
• Outil de gestion des contacts formidable (permet une capture parfaite du calendrier et des e-mails)
• Longue période d'essai
• Permet aux petites entreprises de gérer efficacement leurs tâches quotidiennes
• Accès à la pile technologique améliorée de Salesforce


• Il n'existe pas de version gratuite 
• Prix initial élevé
• Rapports limités

Prix – à partir de 25€ par utilisateur et par mois

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM est le mieux adapté aux utilisateurs existants de Zoho Suite et aux canaux de vente. Zoho CRM est une solution GRC puissante pour les petites entreprises qui fonctionne aussi bien sur les ordinateurs que sur les appareils mobiles.

Le logiciel CRM basé sur le cloud est un outil excellent de la gestion des clients et de génération de leads. Cette plateforme est facile à utiliser et pourtant, elle ne fait aucun compromis sur les capacités. Parmi ses fonctions principales se trouve la possibilité de rechercher des contacts sur les médias sociaux et de numériser des cartes de visite. Elle soutient les équipes de ventes en créant des flux de travail automatisés. D'autres fonctions importantes comprennent la segmentation des visiteurs du site web, la gestion des filières et l'organisation des contacts et des communications avec les clients.


• Facile à utiliser ( reconstruit pour les appareils mobiles)
• Optimal pour la génération de prospects
• Fonctions de GRC avancées, intégrées dans un plan abordable
• Options de téléphonie d'entreprise intégrées
• De riches options d'intégration avec d'autres outils Zoho
• Tableau de bord personnalisable
• Données contextuelles utiles


• L'interface du programme peut être source de confusion pour les utilisateurs traditionnels
• Les plans payants peuvent être coûteux
• Difficult integration process

Prix – à partir de 7€ par utilisateur et par mois sur une base annuelle.

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM stands out as a deal-driven solution focused on SMEs (small and medium enterprises). It can also work as an account-management tool supporting the whole marketing and sales process. With its proactive functionality, Pipedrive can automatically follow and organize business calls and emails to adjust employees’ schedules across devices.

Une fonction caractéristique du logiciel GRC de Pipedrive customer relationship management software is its ability to visualize the sales process from beginning to end. That makes it an effective tool that improves the team’s productivity. Some of its advanced capabilities include chatbot creation for websites, efficient reporting, and easy integrations with other business tools. Its limitations are related mainly to restricting email contact lists of up to 1000 names and the lack of more sophisticated marketing automation.


• Aide les PME à optimiser leur processus de ventes et de relations clients
• Fournit une conception intuitive et un flux de travail axé sur les transactions
• Synchronisation des appels, des courriels et des applications mobiles


• Fonctions limitées pour le paquet proposé
• Nouveaux leads et contacts ne sont pas séparés

Prix – à partir de 12,50€ par utilisateur et par mois

Zendesk Sell CRM

Zendesk CRM

Zendesk CRM est l'un des meilleurs logiciels GRC pour accélérer vos revenus. Il a été conçu pour les équipes des ventes et leur permet de prendre des décisions sur la base des données. De plus, il optimise la productivité et il vous permet d'améliorer l'expérience de vos clients.

Zendesk customer relationship management focuses on daily sales activities and interactions. You can access built-in features like account management, lead generation, and activity tracking. Also, you can benefit from tools like lead enrichment, automated sequencing, and tasks player allows your sales reps to stay on top of the deals. That industry-leading mobile app encompasses email, text, and voice so that you can still engage with your clients across different channels via one unified platform. Zendesk Sell can be integrated with Zendesk Suite giving you a complete view of your prospects’, customers’, and partners’ data. Thus you can also access even more tools via third-party apps and Zendesk’s open APIs.


• Offre un essai gratuit de 14 jours
• Utilisation facile
• Réglages initiaux minimaux nécessaires
• Outils de rapport puissants


• Devient cher avec plus de 3 utilisateurs
• Fonctions limitées dans le forfait le moins cher
• Support client limité

Prix – à partir de 19€ par utilisateur par mois

Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM is a powerful tool for sales teams to manage their top leads and opportunities. It allows you to customize the process, gain valuable insights, control forecasts, and automate your marketing campaigns, helping you improve your performance.

Avec Odoo CRM, les équipes des ventes peuvent intégrer complètement les contacts électroniques dans leur processus d'analyse des leads. Cela leur fournit une image plus complète de la qualité et de la quantité pour chaque segment de clientèle et ils peuvent donc prendre des décisions plus rapides sur la meilleure façon de placer les investissements futurs ou sur les stratégies qui généreront le plus de revenus à partir des ressources actuelles sans perdre de temps.

Odoo CRM Marketing System is an advanced marketing campaign system that automates lead acquisitions, follow-ups, and special offers. Users can also determine automated actions based on predefined rules, making it easy for entrepreneurs to focus on running their businesses instead of spending countless hours manually doing everything themselves.


• Actions prochaines automatisées
• Stratégies de marketing intégrées
• Interface conviviale
• Très bien support


• La version de base n'inclut pas toutes les localisations
• Enterprise version is as expensive as other ERPs in the market

Prix – starts at 24$ per app/ per user/ per month.

To be successful in business, you need more than good ideas and determination. You must also consider all aspects of your company’s operations, including customer relationships management (CRM). The best small businesses use CRMs to organize contacts with potential buyers or customers while providing them an easy way to communicate on sales/marketing activities from one central platform. They can automate certain tasks, which ultimately increases productivity. Team members can do their job better as they work smarter and not harder.

Businesses need CRM to stay competitive. The best way for your company’s marketing, sales, and customer support teams to work together seamlessly is by implementing a system that can integrate all data into one cohesive platform. So they are always aware of what each other is doing and can share information instantly across departments without effort.

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