Top-notch customer service is key

The entire team must hold the same goal and vision for a company to make big moves as a unit.

Loic Didelot, CEO of Mixvoip, has chosen to lead his team in a direction that values high-quality technology, providing the best customer service possible equally. Directly from Didelot himself, here is what he believes is a huge differentiator for Mixvoip.

In the world of phone systems and cloud communication, what makes one service provider stand out from another can easily be overlooked. After all, the basic functionality of a cloud-based phone system or a basic T1 line is pretty standard across the board. Yes, there are competitive features that small and medium-sized companies can greatly benefit from, such as easy-to-use portals or the ability to scale with the click of a button.
And while all of that is very important, when it comes to the buying process for VoIP phone systems, Internet, or any other cloud services, you should be keeping an eye out for the level of value you are getting. Of the hundreds upon hundreds of providers as options, my question is: what makes a telecom and cloud provider more valuable than another? My answer: a large amount of the value you should look for lies within the type of customer service you receive. My team goes above and beyond to make customer service a TOP priority.

Our efforts go beyond the basic ticket system ( We are easily accessible in many other ways, such as social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, web chat on, and even via SMS (+35269133350).

To us, social media is not simply a place to share news and post about ourselves and our company but is also a quick way to get a hold of anyone on our team for any question. How many other telecom and cloud service providers can say the same thing? When it comes to more common ways of accessing support or simply inquiring about their services by email or phone, I have raised the bar by creating our own internal goal regarding customer service. The benchmark is to handle every request received before 11:00 AM by noon, and every request received by 17:00 is handled by 18:00.
You may think I have set a VERY high goal for my team. And yes, I did – but our customers are certainly worth it. A team you can count on. When you reach out to Mixvoip, whether it’s via Facebook, email, or web chat, you will be in contact with one of our in-house technicians, such as system administrators, network engineers, and developers. In other words, you are NOT speaking to call a center. You are speaking with one of my valued team members that are prepared to truly help and address any questions or issues that may have come up.
My decision to keep all support in-house was to create an overall excellent experience for you, the customer. It is a top priority to me, personally, to build a company culture that employees find rewarding. The same people who created our products also serve as your contact for support, and I will work diligently to help in any way I can. I, myself, am part of this team as well. And as the CEO of Mixvoip, I would like to make a strong point to be completely accessible for honest feedback.

You can reach me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.

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