Benchmark Study:
Cloud telephony services in Luxembourg

Study of Cloud Telephony Services made in Luxembourg by Openfield, June 2019 

INFOGRAPHIC – Cloud Telephony: What is the best choice?

In 2019 Openfield conducted the first national benchmark of different cloud telephony offerings. The goal was to help companies better understand and choose between local providers. The key points and data are summarized in the graphics below.

Technical and commercial offers and the individual synthesis of the service providers are detailed in the full study. 

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Call for tenders

Openfield asked several cloud service providers to participate in a comparative study of their cloud telephony solutions. The main goal was to assess the Cloud phone systems, tailored especially for the SME’s communications needs. Four of the leading telecommunications operators responded positively. Three of them agreed their entire communication infrastructure to be tested and evaluated for this study. To analyze and rate vendors’ performance objectively they had to compete on equal terms. Therefore providers had to submit their Cloud telephony offerings for the same fictional  SME.

The profile of a SME matched several criteria:

• A small to medium company that occupies one building or office
• A single reception desk and two conference stations
• Fourteen softphones are installed on-premise
• The number of simultaneous communications – voice calls, video meetings, instant messaging service, file sharing – is fifteen
• The company consists of thirty employees

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The three main participants

CEL – CEL is a Luxembourg company founded in 1945 with more than 70 years of experience on the local market. Nowadays the company has 170 employees and is specialized in three main areas:

• general electricity
• building safety and security technologies
• information and communication

Post Luxembourg – is (since 1842) a historical postal service provider in Luxembourg. Today the company’s service portfolio also includes Telecommunications and ICT. The Post team numbers more than 4300 employees together with its subsidiaries.   

Mixvoip – is the youngest organization among the three participating companies with more than 50 team members. Founded in 2008, this dynamic and innovative company is focused on Cloud telephony and SIP Trunking services for SMEs. It is the only operator among the participants that has its internally developed and supported IPBX solution.

Cost comparison over 36 months

When choosing Cloud telephony cost saving is often recognized as the most important benefit. A comparison of the costs among the three study subjects showed that Mixvoip’s solution is the most cost-efficient. Based on the analysis of the overall monthly costs Mixvoip’s Cloud telephone system is placed in the top spot. Expenses for installation, support, and fees were taken into consideration. Mixvoip outperformed the second offer with 12%.

Overview of the offers

Apart from the cost analysis, the participating vendors were rated based on 9 major performance indicators. Evaluation criteria referred to the quality of service of the Cloud solutions as well as their efficiency and effectiveness. Mixvoip’s offer was assessed as excellent for attractiveness, scalability, technical support, load time, latency, jig, and loss rate. Features of the offering were graded as very good. All three service operators received the same result – very good on the Additional services of the provided Cloud telephony solution. 

The conclusion of the study confirms the leading position of Mixvoip in the local market of Cloud telephony services. Our offer stands out as the most attractive in terms of price, functionality, flexibility, and technical execution.

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