Eine nützliche Anleitung für Kabelverteiler

Was ist ein Kabelverteiler? Post Technologies stellt die unterirdische Kabelinfrastruktur für Telefon- und Internetleitungen an jedes Gebäude in Luxemburg zur Verfügung.

In work premises, all those cables arrive at a specific termination point in a wall cabinet called the “Post Head”/ “Tête Post” / “Armoire KA”. From the Post Head, all telecom providers connect their cables to carry in & out your phone and internet services. Each Post Head has an identification number telecom providers need to work on your connections.


Where can I find it?

It can be anywhere in your house/building, even in a locked room. In most cases, the Post Head is located in your basement. It’s also possible that one Post Head is shared between several offices, thus not directly in yours. Below are some pictures of Post Heads to help you recognize them. The identification number you will be asked to provide is usually clearly visible, written on a sticker or a metallic plate if it is an old Post Head.

Dear Mixvoip customer: if you still haven’t found your Post Head, kontaktieren Sie uns, and we will help.

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