Pourquoi la téléphonie cloud est-elle essentielle pour les employés à distance ?


The evolution of communication technology and cloud solutions is key to the remote work trend. Today, any organization can use an integrated cloud phone system. Thanks to its functionalities, constant connectivity and complete access to the company from anywhere are available to any worker.

Enhanced collaboration software is widely accessible. Fixed-mobile convergence apps, web-based telephony services, or videoconferencing allow remote workers always to be connected and easily reachable. As a result, a growing number of companies apply flexible work arrangements.

Comment supporte la technologie cloud la productivité des télétravailleurs ?

Un système téléphonique basé sur le cloud phone system matching the company’s needs is essential for the productivity of a remote worker. It provides direct connectivity to the corporate phone system regardless of the employees’ location. Usually, home workers will receive various software and apps with all the features of an office phone. This also allows them to use audio, video, and web conferencing add-ons to conduct meetings, solving many issues without personally meeting with their colleagues, clients, or partners.

Si un employé se trouve à la maison ou en déplacement – il travaille peut-être dans un hôtel, un aéroport, un café, etc. – il peut utiliser ses outils mobiles pour se connecter au système téléphonique de l'entreprise. Une application mobile comme Mixcall garantit qu'il ne va jamais manquer un appel important. En ayant toujours la possibilité d'utiliser son numéro de téléphone professionnel, le télétravailleur aura toujours l'impression d'être au bureau. Les télétravailleurs peuvent choisir l'outil le plus convenable pour travailler :

• un téléphone de bureau VoIP
• une tablette ou un smartphone
• their laptop or PC with a phone app

Thanks to modern communications, a remote worker has equal access to all business functionalities as his office-based colleagues.

Selon des statistiques

A study by the International Workplace Group montre que 85% des personnes interrogées confirment que la productivité et l'efficacité ont augmentées dans leur entreprise grâce à une flexibilité plus grande. De même, 65% des professionnels interrogés disent que les entreprises qui adaptent leur environnement de travail pour répondre aux normes de travail flexible sont plus productives.

La téléphonie cloud aide les entreprises à réduire leurs dépenses de communication

Téléphonie cloud is a cost-efficient solution for communicating with remote employees. Adding or removing new lines is fast and simple with a virtual phone system. It does not require technical staff on-premises, reducing setup costs and offering easy scaling for the business. The billing process for hosted phone services is also a breeze to handle. A company will receive a monthly invoice with information about all the lines used. From it, the team managers can also analyze the performance of their phone-based colleagues in detail.

Avec la téléphonie cloud, les employés à distance sont complètement mobiles

An integrated cloud PBX allows fixed and mobile phone numbers to be “merged”. This allows the mobile worker to handle his tasks without missing important calls. With the Mixcall mobile app, he can set incoming business calls to ring simultaneously or with a delay on both his desk phone at the office and his cell phone. If the remote employee is busy, he can pre-adjust the calls to be routed to another colleague. Once available, he can directly call back from his mobile phone.


A virtual phone system offers more flexibility to managers.

Cloud phone systems can be easily adapted to match the company’s business needs. Whether a company needs to increase the number of employees teleworking or the opposite, scaling up or down happens in a few clicks. Adding effortlessly new telecommuters during seasonal peaks with the help of the cloud PBX allows the company to adapt to the fast-changing business reality. Using modern communications, a business guarantees a happy and motivated set of employees.

With the help of cloud technology, business calls are routed through the office cloud PBX and directed to the remote worker’s most convenient device. This allows a company to reduce its costs for new equipment and have a positive environmental impact.

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