Mixvoip plants a tree for each participant in their competition.

This year, Mixvoip started growing its forest! Most trees were planted in Kenya, but Mixvoip also supports projects in other countries. Last September and October, the telecommunications provider from Luxembourg published two articles about its employees in the Luxemburger Wort together with a small competition. Ultimately, one person was drawn as the winner of an iPhone 13 Mini, but Mixvoip didn’t forget about all the other participants.

Le 21 novembre, jour du tirage au sort, un arbre a été planté via tree-nation.com for each participant. In total, 544 trees were donated to Kenya’s Save the Aberdare Forest project. On-site, a community-based organization manages the donated trees to help communities affected by climate change. „[The] project aims to restore the degraded Aberdare Forest due to illegal logging, charcoal burning, and encroachment“ (tree-nation). Pendant les trois derniers mois, la forêt de Mixvoip est passée de 0 à plus de 1000 arbres, soit une surface totale reboisée de 1,04 hectares.

Mixvoip continuera à faire grandir sa forêt. Si vous souhaitez participer à la reforestation, n'hésitez pas à faire don de quelques arbres à la forêt de Mixvoip ou à créer votre propre forêt !

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