Cinq façons dont le système téléphonique d'entreprise aide votre entreprise

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Learn the top 5 benefits of the office phone system that support your business growth. If you are a small or medium company, the advanced phone solution will help you optimize all your communications and improve collaboration.

Any business – local or global – needs to communicate actively with its customers, partners, and employees. Modern companies require constant access to their office networks from anywhere. They also need advanced telecom features that allow them to transfer internal calls or receive multiple calls seamlessly. Finally, companies want to provide their customers and teams with multimedia channels to collaborate, apart from voice communications tools.

Avez-vous reconnu votre entreprise dans la description ci-dessus ? Si oui, cela veut dire que votre entreprise se trouve en croissance. Et vous recherchez probablement une seule solution qui répond à toutes les exigences de la communication professionnelle d'aujourd'hui. La réponse à votre question est un système téléphonique d'entreprise A tool that is essential for your company’s ability to support a productive workforce and happy customers, which in the end, will improve your bottom line. Discover the top 5 avantages principaux du système téléphonique d'entreprise amélioré en 2021. Lisez notre article at apprenez comment votre PBX virtuelle supporte la croissance durable de votre entreprise.

Gagnez du temps et de l'argent

Les systèmes téléphoniques cloud ont révolutionné la téléphonie d'entreprise. They allow small and medium businesses to access enterprise telecom features at affordable prices. The VoIP phone system does not require on-premises installation. All your communications are hosted on the vendors’ business servers (unless you choose to use your servers for it). This is a cost-effective and time-saving option for your company. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment; your virtual PBX maintenance can be handled remotely.

Additionally, your service provider ensures you get the latest updates on time and high-quality training for your staff. Thus for a fixed monthly fee, you save on time and divert resources better invested in growing your business. The cloud-based phone system helps you minimize the need to buy separate hardware for each new teammate. It expands seamlessly as your company grows, allowing you to add phone lines with a few clicks, extensions, or software programs as needed.

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Costs reduction rates for businesses using VoIP systems

Coûts opérationnels – 75%
Appels internationaux – 90%
Appels locaux – 40%
Factures de téléphone – 30%*


Une plateforme de communication tout-en-un

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With the help of a business phone system, you can simplify your business communications. Instead of using separate calling and collaboration solutions, you can manage your communications process from anywhere. The cloud phone system is that feature-rich hub that streamlines your workflow. Depending on your business needs, you can choose between various call management functionalities like dynamic call routing, queues, call logos, and an IVR menu. Also, tools like audio and video conferencing boost your teamwork. Your cloud phone system helps you unify your business communications, and you can access and manage all from one admin portal.

The virtual phone system offers a simple solution with specifically designed elements to work together. Thus you can avoid possible incompatibility between separate telecommunications tools. You also access enhanced features that consumer phone lines cannot provide, such as intelligent call forwarding, custom answering rules, advanced call screening and analytics, and team collaboration tools. The all-in-one platform concept allows you to integrate your business PBX with your CRM system and your existing solutions. Including Microsoft Teams, Google Apps, Dropbox, and others. Thus, you have one place for conversations, meetings, and calls, resulting in more productive and effective teamwork.

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Statistiques générales de système téléphonique d'entreprise

La valeur du marché global des systèmes téléphoniques VoIP atteindra 55 milliards de dollars d'ici 2025 (Global Market Insights, 2019).
64% of businesses say customers should always be able to talk to an agent. (CCW Digital, 2018)
Le nombre d'abonnés VoIP d'entreprise dans le monde entier est estimé à
204,8 milliards en 2020.
60% of companies say phone systems and live agents are their most urgent investment priorities. (CCW Digital, 2018)
75% des consommateurs croient que les appels téléphoniques leur aident à plus rapidement obtenir une réponse d'une entreprise ( American Express, 2017).
Le secteur des PBX IP hébergés devrait devenir le secteur du marché de la VoIP qui connaît la plus forte croissance avec une croissance de 15% de 2019 à 2025 (Global Market Insights, 2019).
48% des professionnels utilisent plus fréquemment la vidéoconférence
qu'il y a deux ans*


Soyez joignable à tout moment, restez connecté de n'importe où

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As the customers’ expectations evolve, so do business communications. Many people still use desk phones for their everyday work-related communications. Yet, the rise in the use of business smartphones is already a set trend. Thanks to advanced technologies, mobile devices have become integral to your cloud phone system. This is vital as business today happens 24/7 and when you are out of the office.

Being always connected to the company’s phone system via mobile phones, tablets, or laptops ensures great flexibility and complete mobility for your team. And this is a key factor as your business grows. You can communicate and collaborate seamlessly while on the go if you work remotely or do a home office. The business phone system allows you to work from anywhere using familiar hardware. You also gain access to your business phone system’s features when you are out of the office. This speeds up the work process and ensures you stay connected to your company from any location.

Vous pouvez choisir les fonctionnalités de téléphonie basées sur la technologie de convergence fixe-mobile. Comme ça, vous utilisez votre numéro de téléphone d'entreprise sur votre smartphone, votre ordinateur portable ou sur votre tablette et vous êtes donc toujours joignable par les clients et les collègues. Et à l'aide des solutions de téléconférence vous vous connectez et collaborez spontanément, ce qui vous permet de rester en phase avec votre équipe même si vous ne partagez pas le même espace de travail.

Restez professionnel et fidélisez vos clients grâce à un meilleur service client 

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One of the cloud phone systems benefits is that they help you project a professional image. This is important, especially if you are a small or medium business with many tasks and insufficient resources. Fast and easy, you can forward calls to the right employees, set auto attendants, or use business voicemail service and call notifications. Other useful business phone features include hold-on music, call flip from a desk phone to a mobile device or call transfer to other extensions. They all help you look and act professionally in front of your customers and partners. Some office phone systems also provide you with a presence status. Finding the right person fast and diverting the incoming call seamlessly is a valuable feature.

Nowadays, customers need fast communications with efficient solutions to their problems. So they are looking for diverse communications channels to contact support or customer service. Your cloud-based phone system can provide a range of communications opinions for them, including live chat, a contact form, a phone call, or conferencing tools. So thanks to your business communications system, you can offer a better customer experience for your community. All the enhanced features of your telecommunications solution enable you to deliver top-notch customer service. A benefit that brings added value to your growing business.

Prenez les bonnes décisions sur la base de données

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Thanks to the business phone system’s enhanced analytics features, you gain in-depth insights into your company’s call flow and collaboration process. You can customize the reports to match your business needs, thus getting a complete view of the teams’ performance and customer interactions. Based on the data you gather via your office telecoms’ advanced reporting system, you can optimize your employees’ performance and maximize communications across your organization. The cloud phone system allows you to track and analyze customer behavior. It helps you improve your team’s engagement and build a sustainable strategy for effective business communication.

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As your business expands, your communications needs are constantly evolving. A modern business phone solution provides features, flexibility, and security essential for your business growth. It allows you to manage all your communications across the company from one place, simplifying and streamlining the work process. It also offers employees advanced tools to stay connected regardless of their location. The cloud phone system can easily adapt to your company’s growth by offering integrated communication and collaboration solutions that help your business thrive.

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