Mixvoip ist jetzt mit DE-CIX verbunden!

Ein großer Schritt für unser Netzwerk. DE-CIX ist mit durchschnittlich 8,5 Tbit/s (8500 Gbit/s) der weltweit größte Internet-Knoten.

This new connection now directly connects Mixvoip to over 2000 networks worldwide, including Google, Facebook, AWS, Microsoft, and many more (Blizzard and Valve as well 😉). This has grown the potential bandwidth our network can transport and cut down the latency to all those networks, which helps our customers use their services better. DE-CIX is not the only Internet exchange we are connected to:

• DE-CIX Frankfurt
• DE-CIX Düsseldorf
• DE-CIX München
• DE-CIX Hamburg
• ECIX Frankfurt
• ECIX Düsseldorf
• France-IX Paris

All these connections have made us one of the best-connected networks in Luxembourg.

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