Ein Sprachdialogsystem für Ihr Unternehmen: Ist das die beste Wahl?

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IVR-Systeme haben sich über das letzte Jahrzehnt hinweg weit verbreitet. of endless debates, this technology is seen as the perfect solution by some and as less useful than it might appear by others. Let’s take a quick look at this universal tool of call centers.

Mitarbeiter von Callcentern werden Ihnen bestätigen, dass die Entwicklung von IVR ihren Beruf und auch die Methoden, um Anrufe zu verwalten, vollkommen verändert hat (IVR-Systeme). And the methods that are used to manage calls. Over the last few years, interactive voice response systems have become widespread. And now, it forms the true backbones of call centers.

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Quick reminder: an IVR is a computer system that automatically processes the telephone calls received by a company. Callers are presented with several options that they can interact with. The callers share valuable information by pressing 1 or 2 on their phones. According to that choice, the call is transferred to the proper department, or automatic information is provided. Cutting-edge technologies can further be integrated into some of these architectures. They can offer voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and speech synthesis systems.

Eine Erleichterung für Unternehmen

Allgemein werden Anrufer während des Anrufs identifiziert und kategorisiert und profitieren so von personalisierter Unterstützung. Unternehmen können sich sogar dafür entscheiden, ein hierarchisches Protokoll der Kunden zu programmieren. Das System wird dann die Anrufe nach Priorität sortieren und manche Kunden schneller weiterleiten. IVR-Systeme sind daher eine unschätzbare Hilfe bei der Organisation der internen Arbeitsabläufe eines Unternehmens.

Today, some businesses handling large calls see interactive voice response systems as a lifesaver. IVR systems can provide companies with relief from repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Moreover, they result in significant cost savings. The work done by the system saves time and increases profitability. Callers end up with the right customer representative; telephone interactions are more productive.

From the client’s perspective, IVR systems also offer many advantages. It saves them precious time waiting in line and helps them obtain the required information. Customer satisfaction is thus increased.

IVR Kunden

Was ist mit dem menschlichen Faktor?

The marriage of telephony and computer sciences is an undeniable technological achievement. But some stumbling blocks lurk under the surface of this marital bliss. IVR has been criticized since its introduction. Interactive voice response systems are often deemed impersonal, with some people feeling that resolving human problems has been left to a machine. The setup’s complexity represents another barrier for companies wishing to jump. This barrier is even more, higher in multilingual countries like Luxembourg. The automated call center must juggle four or five different languages in such markets.

Businesses contemplating the use of IVR systems must consider these legitimate concerns. At Mixvoip, we opted to provide support without the use of IVR. On our support line, real, flesh-and-blood operators answer the calls. They directly assist clients in helping them solve their problems. This approach aligns with our desire to maintain a warm and personalized relationship with our prospects.

Als langjähriger Spieler auf Luxemburgs Telefoniemarkt versteht Mixvoip sehr gut, wie wichtig dieses Tool ist. IVR gehört daher zu den von uns angebotenen Lösungen und ist auch ohne zusätzliche Kosten in unserem Cloud PBX Angebot (Mixpbx) enthalten. Zudem enthält das Angebot mehr als nur die grundlegenden Funktionen. Unser PBX merkt sich die Auswahl des Anrufers und wird ihn bei seinem nächsten Anruf zum gleichen Mitarbeiter weiterleiten. Ebenso werden die Anrufe unserer Kunden an den Vertreter weitergeleitet, der zuletzt versucht hat, mit ihnen in Kontakt zu treten.


Using an IVR system is neither a good nor a bad idea. Every company must assess whether IVR fits them according to their industry, philosophy, and customer policy. The governing principle guiding a system’s implementation must always be customer experience rather than meeting operational needs—the perfect solution for some and soulless technology for others. The IVR systems should always feature as part of an underlying strategy.

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