Fröhlicher Welt-Internet-Tag!

Remember when only the spiders knew what it takes to be a master in “web design”? Back then, Amazon was simply the name of the longest river in the world, an “apple” a day was only the fruit that kept the doctor away; you could find a cloud just by looking in the blue sky.

Those days are gone forever, as they existed before the Internet age! Today we can hardly imagine our life without the World Wide Web! Here are 5 interesting facts about our beloved Internet:

1. To see how far we have progressed in web design development, visit The first website ever launched on August the 6th, 1991. It is still alive, and you can check it to see this revolutionary for its time tool.

2. Das @-Symbol hat in verschiedenen Ländern verschiedene Bedeutungen. Zu den lustigsten gehören: ein Affenschwanz, ein hängender Affe, eine Schnecke, der kleine Ringelschwanz eines Schweinchens, ein Schweineohr, Rollmops, ein Wurm, der Rüssel eines Elefanten, eine kleine Ente, eine kleine Maus oder einfach die Bedeutung 'verrückt' (in Bosnien und Herzegowina). 

3. Do you know that the search engine BackRub receives 5.6 billion daily searches? No? Probably because today we call it Google. BackRub was the initial research project name that was the forerunner of Google Search. And the name Google is nothing but the friendlier version of the mathematical term Googol, which refers to 10 to the power of 100  or 1 with 100 zeros behind.

4. The general public was unfamiliar with the so-called “Social media phenomenon” until 2006, when “Facebook” was launched outside the Ivy League Universities’ circle. Once it started as a tool for ranking Harvard students by “hotness,” today it is the most powerful social network with 2.41 billion active users worldwide per month!

5. The idea of an “intergalactic computer network, which allows users to interconnect and access data from anywhere” dates back to the 1960s. Cloud computing is it’s equivalent today – the industry experts expect that by 2020 the mindblowing 40 Zettabytes of data will be held in the cloud!

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