La question n'est pas de savoir SI vous allez être piraté, mais QUAND

Dans le monde professionnel d'aujourd'hui, une forme d'accès vocal est absolument indispensable. Une forme de technologie très populaire et toujours en expansion est la Voix sur IP (VoIP) – plus précisément, le protocole SIP (Session Initiated Protocol). En d'autres termes, une connexion IP est utilisée pour passer des données vocales d'un appareil à un autre.

This technology comes with many amazing benefits, hence its steady climb in popularity. These include increased flexibility, it can be easily scaled and of course, it can be budget-friendly. However, with every upside, there is always a sense of caution that comes with it. I will begin with the obvious. Of course, any sort of data transferred over the Internet is put at some form of risk. And as a company, your team surely does their due diligence by putting up the right firewalls or session border controllers, opting to use a VPN, and research other forms of protection specific to your business. When it comes to getting hacked – it is not a question of how you can prevent it or if it will ever happen at all. Because no matter the precautions your team takes, it will be a matter of WHEN it will happen. And an even bigger question is what will be done about it?

There are two major things at risk when you get hacked: private company data and your company’s monetary funds. A hacked SIP trunk gives that unwelcome third party the ability to rack up a shockingly high bill. And since a compromised system is inevitable, how is it fair to stick you with the high price to pay? The Mixvoip team is very aware of these risks, and your company’s concerns are a top priority to us. It is important that you feel confident and safe when utilizing Mixvoip’s SIP technology. This is why the answer to the previous questions is simple. You will not have to pay for an unusually high bill caused by a hacker. Mixvoip is proud to be the only provider to provide a full anti-fraud guarantee and policy. Here is how it works: each call conducted by a person that is NOT physically present on the customer’s site will not be charged. In other words, any calls made by a hacker are NOT to be paid by a Mixvoip customer.

You may be wondering how we can be confident enough to offer such a bold guarantee. Well, we invested in an early alert system that constantly monitors call patterns in real-time. This means that any attack information is exchanged between operators, using a black, white, and greylisting system to help track the type of calls being made at all times. As your SIP provider, it is ultimately our job to act as your guide and expert in all things VoIP. And by implementing a strong, solid system to ensure the safety of your technology and company data, both our team at Mixvoip nor do our customers have to rely on anyone else.

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