Choose the right Internet plan for your retail business

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In today’s connected world, choosing the right Internet plan for your retail business can be a game changer. You want a reliable connection at a fair price. Yet, speed, security, and support are other equally important factors.

For many retailers with brick-and-mortar stores of any type, having a high-speed Internet connection is vital as they use various solutions and technologies to operate both offline and online. 

From in-store Wi-Fi networks and interactive sales points to implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) or augmented reality applications – retailers are trying a wide range of tools that require fast and stable connections to engage customers better, fulfill orders, manage inventory, or create marketing campaigns. 

Another element to consider when comparing Internet packages is the support your connectivity provider offers. As a retailer whose business is Internet dependent during the whole week, it is essential to have a partner who can cover your connectivity needs anytime you work. Especially during the weekend, when for many retailers are the busiest shopping days.

So how to decide which package is your best fit? Read on to learn what features of your Internet plan matter and will help improve your business.

A fast and reliable connection that serves your retail business

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Today stores rely strongly on the consistency and speed of their Internet. Suppose you manage a large department store or supermarket. In that case, you need a reliable connection for

  • linking your modern point of sales (POS) systems,
  • implementing digital touchscreen signs and kiosks, 
  • and boosting your daily retail operations and communication between stores, warehouses, and headquarters.

A reliable broadband connection is still vital for your smooth daily workflow if you are a small business owner. Gone are the days of using paper to track inventory and take sales notes. Nowadays, your inventory management software or the CRM program requires consistent Internet on any working day – weekend included, which is often the busiest time of the week for retail.

Last but not least, if you offer an in-store Wi-Fi network to your shop visitors, you will need a fast and consistent Internet connection delivered to your retail space. Using high-speed and reliable Internet with the right network equipment will boost the Wi-Fi signal, allowing consumers to connect and browse seamlessly whenever they are in the store.

A support team who is available whenever you need them

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Internet outages happen. Often at the most inconvenient times. For retailers, it means during summer or winter sales, around Christmas, on Black Friday, or simply during the weekend. The impact of Internet failure on retailers can be system crashes that affect not only their bottom line but customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation.

Retailers should be well prepared to avoid the side effects of a disconnected network. The first step can be choosing a local Internet supplier that offers fast and high-quality broadband and provides support whenever they work. That ensures shorter response time if network connectivity is interrupted unexpectedly and will reduce the recovery time of the Internet lines.

For store managers or shop owners, it means that if disconnection occurs on Friday afternoon, the support technicians will come and restore it on Saturday morning. This allows them to keep their retail space open during the peak shopping days of the week and not suffer a loss of clients due to the Internet and system failure.

If you run a business in Belgium or Luxembourg, contact Mixvoip for the best Internet package with support on Saturday and Sunday!

A trustworthy ISP ensures network connectivity at all times.

Omni channel technology of online retail business approach

When you explore different Internet options for your retail space, make sure your local service provider can offer a solution for restoring your connection in case of an outage. Thus minimizing possible damage to sales and customer service. If your network is configured and organized the right way, often you won’t need the presence of their support crew on the premises.

Discover if a 4G Backup System is available.

When an Internet failure occurs, it does not mean shutting down your store. Your Internet service supplier should have a plan B in case of a system shutdown. 

Installing a 4G backup service for your communications and connection needs can be an option. It means your provider will run a parallel broadband connection which takes over your standard connection in case of Internet failure.

Thus even if your fixed line is down, your network equipment switches to your 4G Backup system to secure your service and business continuity. With its help, your store will not disconnect, and you will avoid credit card systems breakdown or problems with POS software. 

Redundant Internet connection for your retail space

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Today almost any business is Internet dependent for its daily operations and communications needs. Retail business is no exception. Moreover, when you plan your store connectivity, you should consider all the wired and wireless devices that should safely connect to your network simultaneously.

For your own brick-and-mortar business, you should design your network capacity based on the criteria such as

  • The number of Points of Sales (PoS)  
  • How many terminals for card payments do you manage in your retail establishments, including the self-checkout machines
  • What amount of real-time data should you access for sales, pricing, and inventory?
  • The number of shop visitors who will connect to your in-store Wi-Fi concurrently.

Contact us to help you choose the right Internet plan with enough broadband for your connectivity needs.

A reliable, fast, and secure connection is vital for your daily operations and the capability to offer enhanced service to consumers. Choosing a local Internet provider that meets all your specific connectivity needs will help you modernize your retail space, drive more sales and cut store operational costs. 

As a retailer, you know that during campaigns, promotions, holidays, or simply the weekend, the visitors to your store increase. So your shop should work smoothly on the peak shopping days, and you need a backup if unexpected connectivity problems occur. A backup that your trusted Internet vendor can provide in terms of support and network reliability. Thus you can focus on your core business and customers and not worry about the network.

Mixvoip has special Internet packages for businesses in Belgium or Luxembourg that rely strongly on a fast and secure network seven days a week. Contact us now to help you find the best Internet plan for your company headquarters, stores, and warehouses.

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