Was macht ein Unternehmen zu einem großartigen Arbeitsplatz?

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Mixvoip has been named Best Workplace several times. An award that inspires us all to continue cultivating Mixvoip’s unique corporate culture. A valuable recognition that shows us that we are heading in the right direction to help our employees reach their highest potential.

If we have to answer straight to the question – of what makes a company a great place to work – we can say that the Mixvoipees make it. Great people make great workplaces. And we are grateful that our outstanding people showed us they found more than a job at Mixvoip. They share a sense of belonging and having a purpose within our organization. We say a big thank you to all of them!

Welche anderen Faktoren machen aus Mixvoip einen großartigen Arbeitsplatz? Viele Elemente tragen dazu bei, eine Verbindung zwischen den Mitarbeitern herzustellen. Jedes Element davon ist schon alleine stark, doch zusammen sind sie noch viel stärker:

• Diversity matters, respect and accept everybody as they are – these are essential values we all share. As our team consists of 100 people of 16 nationalities, we can safely say that we are a multicultural organization. Each of them has unique characteristics and perspectives that enrich the company.

• 14 languages are spoken within the company. Our teammates are fluent in at least 2, often 3, up to 7 languages. It gives them an advantage in that they listen very carefully to our clients and instead of reacting too fast, they can better understand the customer’s real needs. 

• Ohne Fleiß kein Preis. Da wir schnell wachsen, aber die persönliche Note im Unternehmen erhalten möchten, organisieren wir Events zusammen – Food-Trucks + wöchentliche After-Work-Happenings (unter Beachtung der Corona-bedingten Hygienevorschriften). Diese informellen Zusammenkünfte sind die perfekte Gelegenheit Ideen und Sichtweisen mit anderen zu teilen, unabhängig von der Position und dem Dienstalter. Außerdem hat jeder etwas nettes oder lustiges zu erzählen.

Mixvoip Team Spaß

• Mistakes are allowed as we encourage people to take decisions and initiatives. Making mistakes is inevitable during your personal and professional growth. We don’t like laziness or “waiting” for things to be fixed and just complaining. Being proactive shows us that the employees care about the company, colleagues, and customers.

• The birthday is a special occasion to celebrate the Mixvoip employees. Each birthday boy or girl is presented in our Facebook group with cool pictures and a short description of their hobbies and interests. Since the beginning of 2021, the company donates 100€ to a charity organization named by them. We believe it is a valuable present that makes our team members happy and grateful.

• Our rookie stars also have their special place in the Mixvoip Facebook group, as each new crew member is presented there. So colleagues from all the different countries get to know each other better (even if they do not share the same office).

Our company provides in-house developed telecom solutions, and creating and developing is in our DNA. We don’t search for the best tool on Google, we create it.

That’s why we always encourage out-of-the-box thinking, innovative minds, and visionary leaders.

• Be nice to people, and recognize the value of your colleagues’ work. No task should be considered undignified. Keep a clean work environment: refill the fridge, pick up packages at reception, make coffee for customers, pick up trash, no car day. Our C-level managers do it, too. Everybody does it. 

• We like to call our team members our superheroes, as we believe they are. Each of them is committed and has his super-power showing it every day by helping our customers in the best possible way.

Employees today need more than comparative salary and social benefits – they need to feel inspired, motivated, and valued. Building a strong community within our company is very important for us. We work daily to have happy, engaged, and satisfied team members. Being named the Best Workplace proves that Mixvoip has established a unified culture driven by our team’s commitment, performance, and well-being. The team that helps us grow sustainably.

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