Die wichtigsten Faktoren, die es beim Aufbau einer hybriden Personalstruktur zu berücksichtigen gilt

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Employees are the organization’s most valuable resource. They bring skills, knowledge, and experience that can be used to create long-term success for the company. However, finding applicants who fit all the qualifications necessary for a particular job opening is becoming increasingly difficult.

A hybrid workforce applied within a company relies on both internal and external workers. The flexibility of a hybrid workforce allows organizations to hire individuals with specific skill sets regardless of where they are located. With flexibility, technology, and communication being key components of this new work arrangement, it is important to know what factors to consider when you opt for the hybrid work model and develop a hybrid workforce. These include flexible schedules and remote locations, using technologies such as instant messaging, cloud telephony, or video chat apps that make communicating with employees on the go easy.

As the business world changes, new work models emerge. The companies that succeed in adopting them are the ones to remain competitive. Read this article to discover the top factors to consider when developing a hybrid workforce.

Die Notwendigkeit einer hybriden Personalstruktur

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Die Gesellschaft entwickelt sich und die Arbeitsregelungen zwischen Unternehmen und Arbeitnehmern entwickeln sich gleichermaßen. Neue Arbeitsmodelle erscheinen und manche davon werden dauerhaft bleiben.

A hybrid workforce is advantageous as it provides access to a larger pool of potential employees. With technology making it easier for people to work remotely and businesses becoming more comfortable with distributed teams, the need for flexibility in work arrangements is more important than ever. Employees have different needs – some prefer to work in an office, while others feel more productive working from home. So, organizations are beginning to recognize the need to adopt new workspace options to stay competitive in the market.

Die Flexibilität von hybrider Arbeit ermöglicht es Unternehmen, professionelle Mitarbeiter mit bestimmten Fähigkeiten zu finden, ganz unabhängig von ihrem Aufenthaltsort.

The advanced technologies today enable organizations to embrace the hybrid workforce faster. As remote work becomes popular, communicating and collaborating effectively with colleagues from different locations defines your productivity. Various technologies make this possible – from instant messaging and Cloud-Telefonie bis hin zu Apps für Video-Chat. Diese Tools machen eine schnelle Kommunikation zwischen Teammitgliedern möglich, die sich nicht denselben Arbeitsplatz teilen.

What is a “hybrid” workforce, and how does it work?

Bedeutung hybride Arbeit

The flexibility of the workplace, technology advances, and the communication needs of a globalized market have all come together to create this new form of work – the hybrid workforce. Although the hybrid work model has existed for years, since the global pandemic started in early 2020, its use has become near-ubiquitous.

A hybrid workforce is an arrangement by which employees can work across different locations or with flexible schedules. Flexibility is important in this type of workplace as the team includes both in-office workers and remote hires brought into the company based on their specific skill sets.

Many tech corporations like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Spotify have officially made the hybrid workplace part of the perks for their employees. Choosing the right tech solutions is essential for a hybrid workforce to be successful. With so many people working remotely, the ability for coworkers to communicate quickly and easily is paramount. The right tools – such as instant messaging, Cloud-Telefonie, oder Apps für Video-Chat machen hier einen großen Unterschied.

Die Vorteile von hybrider Arbeit

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The main benefit of adopting a hybrid workforce is flexibility. Flexibility at work implies that employees can balance personal obligations while contributing to business objectives. That means that they can take care of some personal tasks while doing home office, and they are not strictly chained to the desk from 9 to 5. The flexibility of remote working is important for both employees and companies. Working outside the office makes it easier for people with families or those living far away from their company’s locations to save on time and commuting costs.

Für Unternehmen bedeutet Flexibilität bei der Arbeit Zugang zu mehr potenziellen Talenten, ganz egal, wo diese sich aufhalten. Unternehmen mit Bürostandorten auf der ganzen Welt können von Remote-Mitarbeitern profitieren, da sie mit ihnen bessere Geschäftsergebnisse erzielen, ohne dabei die Produktivität oder die Qualität der Arbeit zu beeinflussen.

Es ist von entscheidender Bedeutung, dass Sie mit Ihren Teamkollegen, direkten Untergebenen und Mitarbeitern Vertrauen aufbauen, bevor Sie einen hybriden Arbeitsplatz einrichten, um ihnen Flexibilität zu bieten und gleichzeitig Ihre Unternehmensziele zu erreichen – die Basis von Flexibilität am Arbeitsplatz ist Vertrauen.

Teamleiter müssen sich Lösungen überlegen, mit denen sie ihr Remote-Team besser motivieren können. Manager sollten eine funktionierende Strategie haben, wie sie ihre hybriden Arbeitskräfte organisieren können. Zudem sollten alle Remote-Teams die Möglichkeit haben, mit ihren Kollegen im Büro zu kommunizieren und mit ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten, ohne an Produktivität zu verlieren.

Erstellen Sie flexible Zeitpläne für Ihre hybriden Arbeitskräfte

Flexible Zeitpläne

Scheduling is one of the most difficult challenges when implementing a hybrid workforce. A survey conducted by PWCs indicates that executives believe employees should work from the office for two days. On the other hand, the workers also insisted on working remotely at least three days per week. How can you meet the expectations of both sides?

Employees want the flexibility to work from home but should also be available for important in-person meetings. Managers need to find a way to balance both needs without undermining productivity or the quality of work. If you work in a hybrid work environment or manage a hybrid workforce, communication is essential when you decide how to schedule your team.

You will need a communication plan that will work well with everyone’s schedule.

Discuss with your team and listen to their needs to build a smooth workflow organization. Applications like Google Calendar, Trello, and Asana can be very helpful for scheduling a hybrid workforce. Try to approach each team member individually, making sure you can meet their personal needs in the best possible way. Finding a balance between a company’s needs and employees’ expectations is not an easy task. Yet, do not forget one of the main benefits of a hybrid workplace is flexibility. It applies to schedules in full power – once you set the rules, they may change over time if the situation requires it.

Helfen Sie Ihren hybriden Arbeitskräften dabei produktiv zu bleiben

produktive Arbeitskräfte

The hybrid work model comes with a set of challenges. Its impact on productivity is among them. And while it’s true that working from home can come with its distractions, if you set the right expectations and establish some ground rules, your remote employees can be just as productive (or more) as those in the office. A recent National Buro of Research study indicates that the hybrid workplace model can increase a company’s productivity by 5%. Additionally, it has a strong economic impact by reducing some of the fixed costs related to work in the office.

If you’re seeing a lack of output from your team, have an open discussion to determine what’s causing the issue. Often the problem could be that your teammates do not have the right collaboration and communication programs. For example, suppose you’re using legacy software that is not optimized for mobile devices or does not integrate with collaboration tools like Slack/Jira. In that case, it will be harder to get work done remotely. And there’s nothing more frustrating than this!

Make sure all of the necessary resources are available to remote employees. If there are still problems in the team’s efficiency, they might be caused by the interpersonal relations of your coworkers.

Helfen Sie Ihren Angestellten dabei, sich besser einzubringen

Videoanruf mit Remote-Mitarbeitern

Not working onsite might leave teammates feeling disconnected from their coworkers, despite the convenience of the remote working arrangements. That is where managers need to be creative and find ways to get employees engaged. One way to do this is by using video conferencing solutions like Zoom, which allow team members to see each other’s faces and interact as if they’re in the same room. You can also encourage your teammates to share personal news or have more casual conversations before video meetings.

Wenn Sie einen Unternehmenschat nutzen, der in mehrere Bereiche unterteilt ist, können Sie auch einen "Spaß"-Kanal einrichten, in dem Ihre Mitarbeiter Informationen posten können, die nicht unbedingt mit der Arbeit zusammenhängen. Überlegen Sie sich Gruppenbildungsmaßnahmen, die das gegenseitige Vertrauen und den Respekt fördern.

Team Building is even more important for a hybrid workforce

Gruppenbildung Unternehmen

Building a cohesive team is even more important for hybrid workforces. When coworkers are in different locations, it can be harder to build trust and rapport. Employees may feel like they’re working independently instead of as part of a team. That can lead to decreased productivity and job satisfaction. Finding ways to enhance the loyalty and engagement of your remote workforce and in-office colleagues is challenging.

Die Teilnahme an Gruppenprojekten, zu denen Brainstorming, Zusammenarbeit und eine regelmäßige gemeinsame Kommunikation gehören, hilft Teams dabei, eine stärkere und tiefere Beziehung aufzubauen. Sie können Unternehmen auch dabei helfen, ihre Unternehmenskultur zu bewahren, selbst wenn sie keinen Zugang zu einem physischen, gemeinsam genutzten Arbeitsbereich haben.

Die Teambuilding-Aktivitäten von heute sollten einen größeren Nutzen bieten. Erfolgreiche Strategien (sowohl virtuell als auch vor Ort) konzentrieren sich auf experimentelles Lernen und die Fähigkeit, das Verhalten der Mitarbeiter zu ändern und zu modifizieren, um langfristige Effekte zu erzielen. Die Modernisierung der Gruppenbildungsmaßnahmen ist nicht leicht, jedoch sind sie eine der besten Maßnahmen, um erfolgreiche und effiziente hybride Arbeitsformen zu etablieren.

Hybride Arbeitskräfte verwalten – wie geht das richtig?


It is not only how you build the hybrid workforce that determines its success. But how you manage it and navigate the workflow also defines its effectiveness. Here are a few useful tips that may guide you in successfully managing your remote and in-office employees.

Wählen Sie die richtige Technologie

die richtige Technologie

As our society and business environment evolves, the technologies will be even more integrated into our lives. Also, as companies embrace the hybrid work model, using the right solutions will be essential for their business success. In addition to video conferencing solutions and apps like Google Docs that are often used for hybrid workplace organizations, they should also invest in software applications for performance evaluation and employee monitoring.

Die Effizienz Ihrer hybriden Mitarbeiter hängt stark von der benutzten Technologie ab.

Your crew should be enabled to communicate with each other by using all the tools available. If you allow them access only to outdated tools, this may lower their productivity. Also, it will cause frustrations among the remote team and in-office workers, and overall satisfaction can drop significantly.

Nutzen Sie Kommunikations- und Kollaborationsprogramme, die sich einfach integrieren lassen?

Communication is a key aspect to be considered when building a successful hybrid workforce. Tech solutions that were an extra just a few years ago today are must-haves. That is especially valid for companies that support the hybrid work model or have remote teams. These solutions often determine the efficiency of a hybrid workforce. You have to ensure that all your employees are on the same page and can easily communicate with each other no matter where they are based.

The pandemic outbreak in 2020 accelerated the digital transformation of communications strategies. Unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platforms integrating voice, video, chat, screen-sharing, and other features were suddenly in high demand. Tools such as Slack, Asana, Trello, and Zoom have become popular for a good reason – they’re simple to use, fast, reliable, and secure. They make it easy for team members scattered all over the globe to connect.

Decision-makers in many SMEs claim that adopting a hybrid model has given a much-needed boost to their business in different directions. They started allocating budgets to digitally transform their organizations to make their workforce more mobile, flexible, and efficient. Implementing internal systems that allow workers to interact and work together seamlessly and conveniently is a game-changer if you opt for a hybrid workplace.

Die richtigen Tech-Systeme für die Zukunft der Arbeit

integrierte Tech-Systeme

Laut Umfragen, haben viele Unternehmen im vergangenen Jahr 2021 mind. eine neue Technologie eingeführt, um ihre Remote-Teams zu unterstützen. Dabei kann es sich um ein Softwareprogramm oder um eine App handeln, um die digitale Transformation der Kommunikationsstrategie oder um neue Geräte.

The problem is that not every company manages to do it correctly, which can lead to frustration among employees, confusion about their role within the company, and even conflict between remote and office-based workers. It is essential for you as managers to understand which technologies will work best. So how can you find the right solutions that will support you throughout the digital transformation process?

Erstellen Sie Ihre digitale Transformationsstrategie

Digitale Transformationstechnologie

There are new challenges that arise with the hybrid workplace model. Managing these successfully means solving a different set of problems than you may have faced in your company’s past.

A successful digital transformation is not just about implementing the latest technologies and trends. It also requires navigating several unforeseen obstacles like workforce management, VPN connectivity, and security concerns for employees’ data privacy and business continuity needs. It can quickly overwhelm any IT department given their limited resources (both manpower-wise and especially financial). That makes managing this process extremely important if we want companies around us – large or small –to stay competitive in global markets.

As experts reported increased cyber attacks last year, companies should invest in more sophisticated technologies to reduce their risk exposure. Using advanced tech solutions helps you manage the digital transformation of your business and minimize the risks.

You should plan the process carefully, as some technologies may require additional licensing or building extra infrastructure. That can postpone the shifting to hybrid work arrangements for your employees. Digital transformation requires managers to put a greater emphasis on the quality of their technologies rather than on their quantity. You will have to find the solutions that work best for your company and employees.

Eine aktuelle Studie von Microsoft Office 360 digitale Arbeitsplatzlösungen deutet an, dass fast die Hälfte der Angestellten (41%) sich von der Anzahl der Tools, die sie täglich benutzen müssen, überwältigt und gestresst fühlen. Diese Tatsache zeigt, dass Unternehmen, die sich für hybride Arbeit interessieren, in digitale Lösungen investieren sollten, die miteinander kompatibel und umfassend sind. Sie sollten auch sicherstellen, dass Ihre Angestellten ein angemessenes Training für die Benutzung der Programme erhalten, damit sich das Gefühl der Überwältigung nicht noch verstärkt.

Finden Sie einen vertrauensvollen Partner, der ihre hybriden Mitarbeiter unterstützt

Mixvoip hilft Ihnen mit Ihren hybriden Mitarbeitern

Sobald Sie eine eigene Strategie für den Übergang zu einem hybriden Arbeitsmodell gefunden haben, suchen Sie vermutlich nach einem Telekommunikationsanbieter, der die digitale Transformation erleichtert.

Ihre Suche ist beendet! Bei Mixvoip, we help businesses manage their digital transformation effectively and ensure they are ready to embrace a hybrid workforce. We offer in-house designed cloud solutions that work seamlessly together and cover all your collaboration needs. If you opt for our Allround-Business-Telefonsystem Voxbi entscheiden, erhalten Sie Zugang zu verschiedenen fortschrittlichen Funktionen, wie zum Beispiel:

• Smart call routing based on your real-time and presence status to ensure the most qualified and available worker will answer each call
• Integrations with your favorite customer management applications or collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams included) to speed up your teamwork and enhance the customer service provided by you
• Die Option, internationale Nummern aus über 100 Ländern zu nutzen, womit Sie hohe Telefonrechnungen umgehen, wenn sich Ihre Kunden in verschiedenen Regionen aufhalten
• Mobile Apps wie ein Softphone stellen sicher, dass Sie auf Ihrem mobilen Gerät Zugang zu allen Business-Telefon-Funktionen erhalten

With such solutions, your company can develop strategies tailored to your consumers’ needs.

Business Telefonsystem in der Cloud

Die hybride Arbeit ist auf dem Vormarsch

As more and more businesses move away from traditional office setups, the hybrid workforce will continue to grow in popularity. If you wish to move your organization into the future and develop a hybrid workforce, keep these factors in mind. By flexibility, technology, and communication, we mean that companies need to allow flexibility in how, when, and where employees work. They should also provide the appropriate tools for employees to do their tasks effectively. The technology you choose should ensure smooth and seamless communication between remote and office coworkers.

With so many options for companies looking to embrace a hybrid work model, it can be challenging to know where you should begin! However, with the right tech solutions at your disposal and effective communication strategies between employees and management, you can be sure your business will benefit from embracing the hybrid workforce.

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