Mixvoips Entwicklung: ein kurzes Interview mit Loïc Didelot

Since its founding in 2008, Mixvoip has undergone considerable development. What started as a small start-up has become a mature company with over 100 employees and subsidiaries in several countries. Like most other companies, a lot has changed for Mixvoip these past two years due to the pandemic. Loïc Didelot, CEO of Mixvoip, hat sich im Interview zu den Entwicklungen der vergangenen Jahre und zu Plänen für die nahe Zukunft geäußert.

Hat sich Mixvoip seit der Gründung so entwickelt, wie Sie es sich vorgestellt haben?

Our initial goal was to gain a foothold in Luxembourg as a small company. But since the beginning, we have grown a lot, and we even opened subsidiaries in Belgium and Germany, so in the end, we have grown much more than we ever expected. We are far beyond our initial goal and set new goals after every step. I would be happy if Mixvoip keeps growing and expanding, but of course, no one can tell in advance if we can manage such rapid growth without problems.

Was hat sich durch die Pandemie in den letzten zwei Jahren für Mixvoip verändert?

A lot. Before the pandemic, fixed-line telephony took center stage in telecommunications. During the last two years, video conferences have become increasingly important; nowadays, they have almost become the new standard for telephony. At the same time, companies need much more flexibility, for example, to make the home office possible for all their employees. The telecom market has changed, and therefore the competitors have changed too: Microsoft Teams now plays a much more significant role, and big providers like Cisco, Alcatel, and Avaya have become less present.

Was unterscheidet Mixvoip von anderen Wettbewerbern?

Nowadays, many tiny providers are pushed to the sidelines, and many disappear from the market because they are missing the internally needed know-how. But unlike other minor providers, Mixvoip created a solid and future-proof basis. Compared to bigger competitors such as Microsoft, we can take a stand because we are close to our customers. We offer direct help and support through immediately accessible customer support and with trained technicians and experts who can act on-site in the shortest possible time if necessary. In addition, we develop many of our products internally, and we refrain entirely from outsourcing our IT to third parties.

Compared to bigger competitors such as Microsoft, we can take a stand because we are close to our customers.

Loïc Didelot, CEO von Mixvoip

Wie haben sich die Niederlassungen in Deutschland und Belgien seit ihrer Gründung entwickelt?

Both subsidiaries have developed great so far. The Belgian office is located on the capital’s outskirts, in the center of activity. Because of this, we had high expectations from the beginning, and we were not disappointed. For logistic reasons, our German subsidiary is based in Trier, near Luxembourg. Since the city is not as big, we knew developing this site would take a little longer. In addition, it is more challenging to cover a big area in Germany with only one office because of the distances – we have many competitors and are starting as a small company. Communication between sites is essential for internal processes. Here, we still have room to improve.

Jörn Brinkmann, Country Manager Germany | Samuel Kubiak, Country Manager Belgium | Nausicaa Rouge, Head of Sales

Sind noch weitere Niederlassungen geplant?

Not for the next time. But for our Belgian site, we plan to recruit further employees to cover the Flemish part of the country better. For Germany, we can imagine buying up other smaller companies, should the opportunity arise – for example, businesses that retire. Through this, we extend our network, we can use the expertise of skilled employees, and, at the same time, we win new customers. Thus, we combine experience with youthful dynamism.

In 2021, Mixvoip made 2ten Platz bei Great Place to Work belegt. Ist auch für 2022 eine Teilnahme geplant?

No, in 2022, we will not take part. A good work-life balance is important, but this kind of display creates very high, almost utopian expectations. A workplace doesn’t need to be perfect since people are neither perfect. Mistakes are a part of our life. Of course, we still try to create a pleasant working environment and a friendly atmosphere, but in return, we expect motivated employees who act in the interest of the company and the clients. We are always open to criticism and suggestions for improvement and continuously work together to improve ourselves. It is surely important to take a break now and then and to have fun with colleagues. This is part of the job, but you must also try to achieve your goals. If you are hardworking and want to take on responsibility, Mixvoip is an der richtigen Stelle.

Wir arbeiten alle gemeinsam daran, uns ständig zu verbessern.

Loïc Didelot, CEO von Mixvoip

Was ist für die kommenden Jahre geplant?

Angefangen haben wir mit VoIP-Telefonie, then added internet and Wi-Fi afterward. Our range has expanded in recent years with several products, and now we want to work even closer with our customers via our new service Co-Managed LAN. Co-Managed LAN is a unique service: we provide our customers the iMaster NCE platform by Huawei. With this centralized platform, they can efficiently manage their network, and we help them, if necessary, to resolve possible problems as quickly as possible. It is an all-in-one solution, a locally managed cloud service with centralized management, analysis, and automated real-time detection of potential errors and notifications via text message or mail. Mixvoip is a pioneer in this field.

Are you interested in our Co-Managed LAN solution?

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