Mixvoip baut starke Vernetzung für Unternehmen in ganz Belgien auf

Telekommunikation Belgien

Mixvoip has established its presence in Braine as a trusted provider of business telephony, IT, and Internet services for a few years. We want to ensure that all our Belgian clients access our enhanced telecommunications solutions that support their business development.

Mixvoip stands for innovative, engaging, and customizable communications tools backed by affordable pricing and multi-language local support. We are pleased to serve the ICT needs of companies of all sizes across Belgium, empowering their teams and helping them grow better.

If your business is located in Braine or any other Belgian city, you can still benefit from a full range of telephony and IT services, as well as SIP Trunking and Mobile plans. Mixvoip is an all-in-one platform where you can find our competitive packages and different communications apps. Below you can learn more about our telecom solutions that support scaling companies from Belgium.

Das Cloud-Telefonsystem – von überall aus kommunizieren und zusammenarbeiten

Zusammenarbeit in Echtzeit

Wenn sich Ihr Unternehmen in Braine befindet oder Sie Büros in ganz Belgien haben, dann können sie mit unserem leistungsfähigen Telefonsystem Teams und Kunden zusammen bringen, ganz egal wo sie sich befinden.

Sie verwalten die Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit innerhalb und außerhalb Ihres Unternehmens von einem einzigen Ort aus

Ihre Angestellten können sich auch von überall aus und über fast jedes passende Gerät mit dem unternehmenseigenen Telefonsystem verbinden. Unsere Cloud PBX is an in-house developed solution that ensures your teams’ complete mobility and service continuity at any time. With its help, our Belgian customers can access advanced features that improve their productivity and interactions with clients and make your call flows and workflows more efficient. Based on your specific business needs, you can use smart features like:

• Call screening, call forwarding, or call flip. Cloud PBX provides options for intelligent call management, advanced voice communications, and effective collaboration tools, along with voicemail, answering rules, or presence status.

• The in-house developed apps like Voxbi, Mixphone, and Mixdial help you achieve complete mobility and service continuity under any circumstances. Your employees can turn their desktop or mobile device into enhanced desk phones and connect from Belgium or abroad. Furthermore, your office phone number follows you where you go, and you are always reachable via the Mixcall app on your smartphone.

außerhalb des Büros telefonieren

• If you are a scaling company and plan to expand your business outside Belgium, your phone system’s “international” features will support you. Mixvoip can supply you with international numbers in over 100 countries. That way, your customers from abroad can save on calling as local rates apply.  

• If your headquarters are in Belgium, but the company has a global presence flat rate feature helps you optimize your calling costs. It gives you free and unlimited calls to more than 200 calling destinations regardless if your employees are calling a fixed or a mobile number. You can spend unlimited time on the phone for a fixed monthly price per user.

• Security feature allows you to build a safe work environment if some employees work remotely. Also, thanks to the data tracking analytics functionality, you gain in-depth insights into your call flow. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and enhance your company’s performance.

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie das Mixvoip Cloud-Telefonsystem Ihrem Unternehmen beim Wachstum hilft!

Free conference – Meet your teams, clients, or partners via audio or video call 

You can manage your company from Braine, but your customers and partners are from Belgium or the world. Hosting real-time meetings can be a real challenge in such cases. Our conferencing solution lets you start or participate in an audio or video call hassle-free. You can join from anywhere on a desktop or mobile device if you have a reliable Internet connection.

Videokonferenzen helps you run remote meetings with people not in the same office, city, or state. Managing your conference calls is easy if you create conference rooms matching your communications needs. With the audio and video conferencing solution, remote collaboration is effortless. Even without registration, you can still experience high-quality video and voice with features like one-click screen sharing or built-in chat options. 

Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, or Braine – bring your team together in the virtual conference room. You can join, host, and invite attendees from anywhere with just one click. Use Mixvoip’s free conferencing tool to boost your teamwork and company productivity. Meet your remote co-workers via a video call and the Mixvoip Konferenztool!

Microsoft Teams und Direct Routing – verbinden Sie Ihre Geschäftstelefonie mit Teams

Mixvoip Microsoft Teams

Mit Hilfe Ihrer Cloud PBX können Sie jetzt externe Anrufe über Ihre Microsoft Teams Plattform tätigen und entgegennehmen. So haben Sie Zugang zu allen Funktionen Ihres Business-Telefonsystems in der bekannten Teams-Umgebung. Direkt über Ihre Teams-Oberfläche rufen Sie lokale oder internationale Telefonnummern an. Ihre Mitarbeiter verbinden sich ganz einfach mit Teammitgliedern, Partnern und Kunden aus Belgien oder dem Ausland und arbeiten erfolgreich an gemeinsamen Projekten.

Integrating your business phone system with Microsoft Teams gives you more flexibility – a major benefit if you have remote teams. It helps your employees and customers not just in Wallon Brabant or Liege but spread across Belgium still work effectively together as they can manage two communication channels from a single place.

Moreover, you can use your existing phone system and still merge it with the Teams program with the help of the Direct Routing option. That way, you will use one platform for conversations, meetings, and calls, accessible from anywhere and with any device. It is a solution that improves your team’s performance and optimizes your communication costs.

High-Speed-Internet bringt Ihr Unternehmen in Fahrt 


Mit Unternehmenssitz in Belgien können Sie sich einen Dienstleister aussuchen, der Ihre spezifischen Telekommunikationsanforderungen erfüllt. Zusätzlich zur Business-Telefonie-Lösung bietet Mixvoip seinen belgischen Kunden eine High-Speed-Internetverbindung an.

You can choose between different Internet plans with up to 1 GB download speed and 200 Mbit/s upload speed. With a fast and affordable Fiber connection, you can ensure that your business is up and running without delays and that your website visitors are satisfied. We are pleased that we provide our local clients with French-speaking support so you can get your technical issues solved faster. 

According to the package you use and the specific company’s needs, we can provide you with 8 IP addresses. Whether your business is in Braine or any other location in Belgium, we’ll do our best to restore your connection quickly if your Internet is down. To meet every requirement and ensure you will be connected as fast as possible, we offer different Service Level Agreements – up to 24/7 availability. Kontaktieren Sie uns für mehr Informationen zu den Business-Internettarifen, die wir Ihrem Unternehmen anbieten können.

SIP Trunking, Rufnummernportabilität und IT-Dienste für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen in Belgien

SIP Trunking IT-Dienste

If your company is in Belgium, but your business is global, you must make many international calls, increasing your communications costs. And probably a service like SIP Trunking can greatly benefit you in this case.

If you decide to use SIP Trunking as a business phone system, you get a centralized data and telephone network that is easily scaled up or down. Your company does not need additional equipment, which means less maintenance and decreased hardware costs. Also, local rates apply to your calls. This can be a cost-saving alternative if your teams spend many hours calling international phone numbers. With the help of SIP-Trunking und Direct Routingverbinden Sie Ihr gegenwärtiges Telefonsystem mit Microsoft Teams. Somit behalten Sie Ihren Telefonanbieter und Ihre Telefonnummern, verwalten Ihre ein- und ausgehenden Anrufe aber über Teams.

Sollten Sie sich dafür entscheiden, von Ihrem belgischen Telekommunikationsanbieter zu Mixvoip zu wechseln, bieten wir unseren Kunden Rufnummernportabilität for our clients. Keeping your existing phone number is significant for any business, so you do not miss important calls from people unaware of your new number. Communicating your new contact details can be time-consuming and expensive. That is why we made it easier for you to change your telecom service provider without changing your business phone number.

We provide local business phone numbers for many Europeans and overseas countries. This option is for you if you manage a Belgian-based company but have international customers and partners. Many people prefer to call a company with local phone numbers.

Eine örtliche Telefonnummer hilft Ihnen dabei Vertrauen bei potentiellen Kunden aus der Gegend aufzubauen

Since the beginning of 2021, our customers in Braine and from Belgium can outsource their IT services to have all their telecom services supported by one provider. Mixvoip offers a full end-user service with local IT support, training, and technical advice. We can provide and maintain anything a small to medium-sized office would need regarding hardware and software integrations.

That way, we help you focus on your main business while we take care of your IT and communication needs. It is a win-win situation as you can save costs and still have access to the latest updates in technology. Network architecture implementation, audit and analysis, project management – all these and much more are now available for our Belgium clients. Outsourcing your ICT helps your company grow better.

globales Unternehmen

Denken Sie global, agieren Sie lokal – in die benachbarten Länder nach Belgien und Deutschland zu expandieren war ein logischer Schritt für die Entwicklung unseres Unternehmens. Somit profitieren unsere belgischen Kunden von einer Lösung, die Sprache, Video, Chat und Funktionen zur Zusammenarbeit vereint. Sie verwalten alle Funktionen von einem einzigen Ort aus und optimieren damit Ihren Anruf- und Arbeitsablauf.

Zusätzlich nutzen unsere belgischen Kunden Business-Internettarife und können die IT-Dienste auslagern wodurch sie dazu in der Lage sind, sich voll und ganz auf ihr Hauptgeschäft zu konzentrieren. Mixvoip bietet alle Tools und Integrationen, die Sie brauchen, damit Ihre Teams, Kunden und Partner effektiv zusammen arbeiten, ganz unabhängig von ihrem Aufenthaltsort. Der Vorteil für Ihr Unternehmen ist, dass Sie mit einem einzigen Dienstleister Zugang zu allen Telekommunikationsdiensten haben.

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