Vorteile von Microsoft Teams und wie Sie es mit Ihrem Telefonsystem verbinden

Today employees worldwide opt for more flexible work arrangements. Thanks to advanced technology, they can work effectively from anywhere and anytime. So giving the right tools to your team is essential for any company to adjust to the new business reality.

Microsoft Teams stands out when it comes to finding an all-in-one collaboration solution. You can learn more about its features in our article “How Microsoft Teams Combined with cloud telephony will boost your communication.

Microsoft Teams – eine Kollaborationssoftware für das Unternehmen

Microsoft Teams is a great teamwork tool for simple, effective, and flexible collaboration. It allows its users to work together from any location, on multiple devices, and in a secure environment.

Direct Routing – expands the team’s communication globally.

Since June 2018, Microsoft has allowed its users to set Microsoft Teams as a primary phone system. With technology, Direct Routing companies can use their existing business phone system to place and receive external phone calls directly in Teams. With its help, you can bring your telecom service provider to connect your current phone system to Microsoft Teams. This means better call rates, more flexibility, and high-quality support for your business.

Was ist Direct Routing? Das Direct Routing System von Microsoft Teams ermöglicht es Unternehmen ihre externen Telefonleitungen zu verbinden und Teams als Business-Telefonsystem zu verwenden. In unserem Artikel lernen Sie mehr über die wichtigsten Vorteile von Microsoft Teams und wie Sie es (mit der Hilfe von Direct Routing) als Business-Telefonsystem nutzen können.

Six Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Unternehmen, die Microsoft Teams verwenden, können:

• das Engagement der Mitarbeiter fördern
• die Flexibilität des Teams stärken
• Kosten minimieren
• die Produktivität verbessern

1. Eine All-in-One Lösung für Zusammenarbeit

For years teamwork meant daily in-person meetings, frequent phone calls interrupting your workflow, and intensive email exchanges with attached files. Today Teams create a flexible work environment where teamwork is consolidated and all communication methods are unified. When working with Microsoft Teams, your employees can easily change between different ways to connect, including video calls, conference calls, and chat discussions. This helps them be more productive and engaged.

2. Es ist benutzerfreundlich und vereinfacht die Teamarbeit

One of the major benefits of the Teams collaboration app is its ease of use. Its core features are the channels created with just a few clicks for a group or private chat. The conversations there appear as threads so that all participants follow the discussion easier. Other interactions include online meetings, sharing files and tasks, initiating video and audio calls, and being easily accessible speeds up collaboration and communication, streamlining users’ productivity.

3. Mit mehr Konzentration an die Arbeit

With its user-friendly interface, you learn the program faster. Your employees concentrate on the work and do not struggle with a complex tool manual. This is possible as the information in Teams is organized in channels dedicated to a business-related topic. All data on the channel refers to this topic. That way, your team members find the necessary information fast and still participate in the ongoing conversation on that channel.

4. Größere Transparenz

It is a challenge to keep everyone in the remote team well-informed. With the Teams app, this task is much easier. Thanks to the channels’ structure (built around work-related topics), users can find all relevant information there. Once you post a message or initiate a web meeting on the channel, your teammates will immediately access it. Thus the communication and collaboration process is transparent, more productive, and efficient.

5. Microsoft Teams entwickelt sich täglich weiter

The developers constantly add new features and add-ons to Teams. That way, Microsoft Teams offers better integration and further improvement daily. These include the standard Office 365 programs and 3rd parties’ applications compatible with Teams. Integrating the partners’ tools fast and easily takes teamwork to a new level. You do not have to leave the Teams; it becomes a real omnichannel collaboration hub.

6. Bewahrt wichtige Investitionen

If your company has bought a Business Premium / Essentials or Enterprise E1, E3, or E5 license for Microsoft 365 suite, you don’t have to pay extra for Teams. It is already included in the Office 365 package, meaning you can use this tool at no extra cost. All feature updates and security upgrades are done automatically with no additional expenses.

Quantifying the Value of Teams*

4 Stunden/Woche – werden durch verbesserte Zusammenarbeit gespart
150 Fahrten – werden bis zum 3. Jahr nach der Einführung durch Online-Meetings eingespart
45 Minuten/Tag – werden durch die Zusammenarbeit von Servicemitarbeitern mit ihren Kollegen gespart
17,4% – Verbesserung der Entscheidungsfindung
88% – bestätigen, dass eine All-in-One Lösung Zeit spart
18,9% – Reduktion der wöchentlichen Meetings


Direct Routing – Welche Vorteile bieten sich Ihnen, wenn Sie Teams in Ihr Telefonsystem integrieren?

Direct Routing entstand als Antwort auf die wachsende Nachfrage nach hochwertigen Business-Voice-Lösungen compatible with Microsoft Teams. It allows customers to bring their telecom services into the Teams and use it as a business phone system. You can use your existing PBX (private branch exchange) and your current calling plan to make and receive calls in Teams. Integrating Teams with your cloud phone system via Direct Routing is a cost-optimizing opportunity. Your employees have an enterprise-level voice solution with smart telephony features in a secure Microsoft environment. Accessible from any location and device.

Verbinden Sie Ihre Telefonie mit Teams. Probieren Sie es jetzt kostenlos aus!

Headset Anruf

Innerhalb einer Anwendung zwischen verschiedenen Kollaborationsfunktionen und Kommunikationsmethoden wechseln zu können, vereinfacht die Arbeit im Team. Sie müssen eine laufende Diskussion in einem Ihrer Kanäle nicht unterbrechen, um einen wichtigen Anruf zu tätigen oder entgegenzunehmen.

Problemlose Integration

Ihr Telekommunikationsanbieter bringt die Technologie und Expertise mit. Er nimmt Ihrem Unternehmen auch die Integration ab. Seine Unterstützung und sein Wissen helfen Ihnen dabei, die integrierte Anwendung schneller kennenzulernen.

daumen hoch
Leichte Verwaltung

Verwalten Sie Ihre Unterhaltungen, Dateien und Tools an einem einzigen Arbeitsplatz. Genießen Sie den Zugang zu allen Office 365 Anwendungen, die Sie für Ihre Arbeit benötigen – und zudem noch viele Anwendungen Dritter. Tätigen und empfangen Sie über mehrere Geräte Anrufe von externen Telefonnummern direkt in Teams.

Weltweites SIP-Trunk-Netzwerk

Mit der Hilfe von benutzerfreundlichen SIP-Templates, you can connect your business to the rest of the world. Your company gets global access with numbers coverage to 100+ countries with premium call quality into Teams.


Integrating your company’s phone system with Teams can optimize your communication costs. Direct Routing offers affordable alternatives for SMEs as well as for big organizations. You pay only for the maximum number of concurrent calls you need. Pricing is transparent, usually per channel, with no hidden costs.

Einheitliche Verwaltung

Microsoft Teams brings chat, content, people, and tools together in one hub. With Direct routing, Teams also transforms into a fully managed business phone system. Your telecom provider handles the telephony service, and your company maximizes the use of Teams as a communication tool.


Keeping your business phone numbers is important for any company. If your business already uses Microsoft Teams and wants to change your telecom provider with Direct Routing, you can get your numbers ported in 100+ countries. Mixvoip’s technical solution connects your Microsoft Teams with local telecom operators. You enjoy seamless number porting, or we provision new ones anytime. Direct Routing provides a lot of flexibility in Teams. Integrating your phone system with the Teams solution ensures more freedom, global presence, and cost optimization.

Nutzen Sie Microsoft Teams und Cloud-Telefoniedienste noch heute!

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