Sam Jahan

Sam Jahan - Business development manager for Belgium

What is your role at MIXvoip?

From the first day I started working for MIXvoip, I knew it would be an incredibly grateful experience.

I consider that my role as a salesperson is different here than in other companies.

What do you like most about your job?

​Happy VIP customers:We offer our clients a more efficient and professional service. As an SME, we know how important it is to offer VIP service to each of our clients. I feel privileged to work with colleagues who are so responsive, creative, professional and dynamic.​

Happy savings:

My customers are saving on their telecom bills and they thank me by sending me an email with a photo of their last vacation or explaining how they have been able to realize projects that are important to them after so many years.


Except MIXvoip, what do you enjoy?

I live life to the fullest, traveling and discovering cultures, people, languages (I speak almost 7), music (from Tchaikovsky, through Queen, Nirvana, System of a down, Sébastien Tellier, Sam Cooke, Tracy Chapman, NWA to Bob Marley), movies (from black and white films to these 4K 3D movies), & many other things….