Jabra 9460 PRO

Headset for office executives

  • Adjustable headband, designed to be worn all day
  • Desk and soft phones connected
  • High sound quality even in very noisy working environments
  • Flexible boom microphone
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Wireless – no headset cable
  • Mono and duo headsets available
  • DECT range up to 150m from the base station
  • Audio-shock protection

Jabra 9460 PRO

One headset to rule them all

The Jabra 9460 is a professional headset made for office users  working in open spaces or very noisy environment. Go hands free from your desk to group projects rooms, while handling phone calls from your desk or soft phones. Increase your range capacity up to 150m with DECT techonology that connects the base to the headset. Experience crystal clear conversations even in noisy working environment thanks to a noise-cancelling microphone. While safeTone technology protects your hearing.

Adjust headset settings, check call status from the touch screen base or answer the call just by tapping the headset button. Plus, get started in minutes with the Interactive Setup wizard on the touch screen base.

The Jabra 9460 is designed for specialists to be comfortably worn  all day.

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