FreeVoice SoundPro 355

Call centers and offices DECT headset

  • Adjustable headband, designed to be wearing all day
  • King-size ear pads for better comprehension in noisy environments.
  • Broadband loudspeaker
  • Flexible microphone arm
  • Ultra-noise-cancelling microphone
  • Headset cable with quick disconnect lead
  • Mono and Duo headset available
  • DECT range up to 100m from the base station
  • Audio-shock protection

freeVoice Soundpro 355

Designed for noisy working environment

Every word has to be exactly understood by both sides Рparticularly during professional work over the telephone. The high-quality, extremely noise-suppressing UNC microphone, soft ear pads and infinitely adjustable headband of the freeVoice SoundPro 355 make a valuable contribution to this.

Broadband loudspeakers offer maximum sound quality, for fewer misunderstandings and repeated questions. The result is an excellent customer service. The ultra-noise-cancelling microphone filters out up to 90 percent of ambient noise and ensures an optimum voice quality.

‚ÄčAvailable in Mono (single ear pad) or duo (double ear pad)

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