Cloud Telephony

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Conference Call – the best solution for business meetings
Conference calls are considered one of the most effective tools for business meetings with no boundaries or physical presence. Their simplicity and high accessibility turned them into a much favored medium for daily business communication.  Learn about the advantages of conference calls and how the business benefits of them. Find useful tips on how to host effective business meetings over the phone.
From Challenger to Leader

June 3rd, 2019 saw the release of the first study on Cloud Telephony in Luxembourg. The study’s aim was to provide industry professionals with an overview of the main service providers.
This study recognises MIXvoip as the leading service provider to rely on for Cloud Telephony services. Loïc Didelot – founder and CEO of MIXvoip – explains what it means.

Une centrale pas comme les autres

La première étude luxembourgeoise dédiée à la téléphonie cloud positionne MIXvoip comme le premier prestataire B2B du pays dans ce domaine. Une récompense qui met en lumière notre propre centrale téléphonique, capables d’offrir des solutions sur mesure. Avec comme seul mot d’ordre : la praticité.