Easy deploy Yealink / Snom

The easy deploy is a redirection service that allows customers to register the MAC addresses of their VoIP phones on an Auto Provisioning Server and assign a redirection URL pointing to their own Auto Provisioning Server.
You can easily configure a lot of Yealinks, Snoms or Aastras at once.


Go to your PBX interface: pbx.mixvoip.com
Enter your logins : username and password.

pbx login
add extension

Access the Extension section. Add a new extension.

enter infos

Number Enter the number you want to assign to the phone (except 112 (ambulance) and 113 (police)).
Mac Enter the Mac address that’s written on the back of the phone (begins with 000413xxxxxx).
Apply and do not forget to PUSH the configuration.

press easydeploy

After you pushed the configuration you have to press the easy deploy button.
Then restart your phone and the phone will fetch the configuration.

Always check if you can make external calls after the provisioning by calling a mobile phone for example.
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