Get destination list


This function gives you our destination price list.


This is a public API, no login information is needed for this.

Complete list: /routings/index[/csv]
List grouped by destination name: /routings/index/name[/csv]
List of flat rate destinations: /routings/index/flat[/csv]
CSV with only 1 price column: /routings/index/merged
This CSV file will show the national price if one is set, otherwise the international price.


You may add /csv to the URL to get the list in a CSV file instead of a JSON string. The last URL always gives a CSV file.


All prices returned by this API are in €cents.
If you opt for a CSV output, you’ll get a table with these headers: Prefix, Name, Price, Homeprice, Faxprice, Mobile, Special (refer to table below for descriptions of these fields).
Otherwise you’ll get a JSON encoded array in the form of:
The data is grouped by the first letter of the destination name. Each letter contains an array of destinations which are arrays with these keys:

Key Description
id Destination’s unique ID.
name Destination’s name.
prefix Destination’s number prefix.
price International price.
homeprice National price. If value is null, there is no national pricing.
faxprice Fax price, no matter if national or international.
smsprice SMS price for messages sent from our user interface or Mail2Sms service, no matter if national or international.
mobile Whether or not this is a mobile destination.
special Whether or not this is a special destination (e.g. shared cost destinations).
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