Fred Zeien

Mixvoip Team - Fred Zeien

Fred Zeien, Head of Development

What is your role at MIXvoip?

My job is to follow up on Forschung Direkt’s todos and manage internal team’s dev team.
I work on backend functionalities that facilitate MIXvoip’s procedures and develop tools to manage billing and its controlling.

What do you like most about your job?

This being my very first job, I feel like having hit the jackpot in terms of atmosphere. Everyone does their best to work together. I had just finished school when this opportunity came along so I had little experience in programming.
As MIXvoip had just started hiring people, I was able to discover my potential, push my limits, learn the unknown and grow alongside the company.


Except MIXvoip, what do you enjoy?

I’m actively playing table tennis in a club. I enjoy being part of a group and do my part the best I can. I also enjoy puzzle and strategy games like chess and escape rooms.
I like organizing events for MIXvoip colleagues who are interested. Sometimes it’s sporty (Paintball), sometimes we test our wits (escape rooms), and sometimes it’s geeky (Dungeons and Dragons).