Delphine Schrepfer

Delphine Schrepfer, Head of Digital Marketing


What is your role at MIXvoip?

I am in charge of the digital marketing which means I oversee the online marketing strategy for MIXvoip and all its parallel projects. My activities include planning and executing digital marketing campaigns, maintaining and supplying content for our websites and engage with people through social media.

But to be honest, as you can expect from a a small and fast-growing company, it’s only a line in the sand. On a daily basis, I wear several hats : from marketing manager to event planner through press relation manager.

What do you like most about your job?

The days are full and there is no time to get bored. I like to see MIXvoip as a boiling cauldron from which great ideas often rise. It is very challenging, I need to keep focus on our global strategy while also zooming in on very operational actions.


Except MIXvoip, what do you enjoy?

Traveling has been my biggest passion of all since childhood. Northern countries are of particular interest to me. There is nothing but the untouched beauty of nature, you feel you are really alive there. I also like playing to… video games ! But my colleagues’ greatest dismay, I only like playstation gaming… No one is perfect 😉