Clemens Kistinger

Clemens Kistinger - Senior Voip Engineer

What is your role at MIXvoip?

As Senior VoIP Engineer, I am working in the 2nd Level Support to handle more complex customer requests including their analysis and troubleshooting. In addition to that I am handling the German portings for all our customers and I am developing new features/services for our Voice platform.

Furthermore I am responsible for my colleagues who go on site to install a phone system or to fix existing issues. And last but not least there are some other smaller tasks like liaising with the sales team, etc.

What do you like most about your job?

MIXvoip has a cool team working here and there are new challenges every day. There is no day like another and this keeps me motivated!

I like to help people to solve their issues and to get acquainted with new people.

Furthermore the work of every one here is respected by the bosses and so a good mood is really there the whole time.


Except MIXvoip, what do you enjoy?

In my free time, I like to chill from time to time but mostly I like to travel around – with trains. Meeting friends and playing games are good options as well. Beside that I would like to start again to use my bicycle but as usual there are tasks with higher priority than that.

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